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AQUA Labs launches its DeFi wallet: AQUA Wallet

AQUA Wallet

HONG KONG, January 7, 2021 / -- AQUA Labs announced the launch of its DeFi Wallet: AQUA Wallet, a way for users to grow their DeFi tokens and earn a passive income within its growing decentralized wallet app. With AQUA Wallet, users can deposit tokens into Compound through a native-in-app integration accessible directly in the DeFi Wallet and start accruing interest instantly.

Without doubt, the DeFi ecosystem has seen rapid growth in recent months. Likewise, AQUA Wallet has been aggressively rolling out DeFi products to its users in 2020, first introducing its Jenco Decentralized Tool Kit earlier in the year and Jubilee-Ace Arbitrage Trading Platform. AQUA Wallet gives users even more flexibility in this rapidly growing space, providing them with the ability to deposit and earn the best returns on their digital asset without leaving the AQUA Wallet app.

AQUA Wallet’s Earn function is integrated with the Compound lending pool and many other major lending protocols, helping users easily access, with native in-app integration with four major tokens: BTC, ETH, USDT, and AQN—with more to come. Accessible via the ‘Earn’ tab in the AQUA Wallet App, users can start accruing interest instantly upon depositing their tokens and receiving on-chain confirmation. Because their tokens are automatically linked to the protocol with the highest APY at the time of the deposit, users receive the best return possible. There is no minimum term, and users can withdraw their deposit with the accrued interest at any time.

AQUA Wallet will also integrate a dedicated tracker on its decentralized exchange as part of its DeFi feature. The smart tracker is built to yield AI and scans through Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain for the best token swaps and yielding offers. AQUA Wallet also confirmed plans to implement popular DeFi features like staking, borrowing, and lending on its smart contract with new DeFi projects in 2021.

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AQUA Labs was founded on a simple belief: it’s a basic human right for everyone to control their money, data, and identity. AQUA Labs serves over 5 million customers today, providing them with a powerful alternative to traditional financial services through AQUA Labs’ blockchain products; includes arbitrage trading, decentralized finance tool kit and AQUA Wallet

Aqua Labs is built on a solid foundation of security, privacy, and compliance. It is the first digital asset company globally to have the highest level for both NIST Cybersecurity and Privacy Frameworks. AQUA Labs is headquartered in Hong Kong with a 100+ strong team.

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