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VHWWP's (SBR) platform set to transform both Crypto and Banking industries

USA, January 7, 2021 / -- Since the creation of the first digital currency (Bitcoin) by the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto, we've witnessed several industries adopting blockchain technology in a bid to improve business workflows and transform their operations.

Bitcoin overcame many challenges plaguing the financial services industry. In the process of changing a stagnant and problematic economic structure worldwide, Bitcoin had its fair share of drawbacks.

Numerous blockchain-based projects were created to solve these inherent problems, but they've either had half-baked success or failed to make any mark whatsoever.

SBR Blockchain, is a new project with a double-pronged token system, that aims to solve the many problems plaguing the blockchain and crypto space as a whole.

Some of these key problems include:

● Mining profitability: We can all agree that cryptocurrency mining operations deserve a better reward mechanism. Cryptocurrency mining is no longer as profitable as it once was. A drop in the price of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin will hugely affect miners’ earnings.

Constant competition prompts miners to upgrade their mining hardware even without significant or regular increased earnings.

● Energy consumption: Inefficient power usage has always been a long-standing issue with cryptocurrency mining. The carbon footprint created by mining farms and datacenters is a cause for concern.

● There is an urgent global need for a solution to this major energy wastage plaguing the growing cryptocurrency mining sector.

● Centralized mining: The problem with mining is the possibility that a blockchain network can be hijacked by a coalition of miners. In what is known as a 51% attack, a group of miners making up more than half of the total mining nodes can thereby seize control of the network.

● Volatility: Price volatility is a problem for virtual currencies. Fiat money is more stable, and if crypto wants to be taken more seriously as a store of value, the problem of massive price volatility needs to be addressed.

● Security: Blockchain is secure, however, cryptocurrencies in wallet or exchanges are at risk of loss or theft. The unregulated nature of crypto makes it even more prone to attacks from malicious actors. SBR platform hopes to solve the inadequate crypto security problems.

SBR provides a comprehensive solution.

SBR is not your everyday cryptocurrency project. While this might sound cliché, the project is poised to revolutionize the cryptocurrency and finance industry combined.

Some even say SBR is what regulators, banks and even the government have been waiting for to finally propel the cryptocurrency industry into mainstream acceptance.

Now, you might wonder, what are the features of this blockchain platform and why is it being touted as the next big thing in the cryptocurrency industry. Here's exactly why.

Highly Secure and Efficient

SBR Blockchain sets a limit on the hash speed cap to help minimize the power needed to mine coins. This also reduces the need to purchase better mining equipment and increases the profit miners can make. The hash speed is determined before miners launch a new operation.

By capping the hash speed, SBR Blockchain will help prevent 51% attacks, thereby maintaining the integrity of the network.

Innovative Tokenomics

The most innovative feature of the SBR Blockchain platform is the two-coin strategy for reducing price volatility. The unique system has a mechanic that determines the price of both the coin and the token. Providing a bottom price that they may not go under. Each has a similar formula to reduce volatility.

We already know stable and profitable mining activities help to reduce cryptocurrency price volatility. However, SBR goes one step further to make the dream of many cryptocurrency bulls a reality.

SBR Blockchain has introduced an innovative two-coin system: a regular coin with a limited supply (like Bitcoin) that will be mined, and a token. There are 10 different algorithms for mining the coin, one for each year, after which rewards shift to a salary-based pay structure. The token will be backed by 200% reserves constituted out of silver and Bitcoin.

The SBR coin will catch the eye of the wider crypto community while the token is designed to appeal to financial institutions and government agencies.


The SBR project is headed by David Larson, a passionate cryptocurrency enthusiast, who gathered a team of people that are sharing the same vision. The platform was designed and is managed by an international non-profit organization, VHWWP. The SBR firm will be esablished by David Larson of VHWWP, once appointees have been established for board positions.

The objectives of the SBR blockchain platform are divided into 5 main parts: improved security, mainstream adoption for cryptocurrencies, reduced price volatility, better incentives for miners as well as secure voting. In collaboration with VHWWP, they claim that special care will be devoted to ensuring the social responsibility of the business as well as addressing the inherent flaws we discussed.

With the features listed above, we believe that this is the best solution so far, offering institutions an insurable asset attached to the cryptocurrency. Most importantly gaining the support of the cryptocurrency community and widescale instatutional adoption, when it finally launches in 2021.

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