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#1 Bestselling author explains, It’s Time to Face Mental Illness Without Judgment

Inspiring new book features 16 women who overcame mental and physical challenges to find success and purpose as entrepreneurs

USA, January 4, 2021 / -- Tracey Brown has always been tough and seemingly fearless. As a kid, she was an adrenaline junkie who rarely cried. As an adult, she was a first responder in the Coast Guard who was great in a crisis, even when she had to face the horror of recovering bodies. “I compartmentalized,” she reflects. “It’s the superpower of first responders—you put your feelings aside, deal with the crisis, and then move on.” But there’s a problem with that mode: “The human psyche doesn’t just move on. It holds onto that trauma.”

Anyone with family members who are first responders or in the armed services—or those who are on active duty themselves—understands this well. The good news is that there are tools for dealing with trauma. The bad news is that those tools often go unexplored because of the stigma around asking for help for mental health issues. Tracey’s book, Rescue to Recovery, is her attempt to erase that stigma by telling her own story. As tough and self-reliant as she was, she could not recover from trauma on her own. “If you break a leg, you’re not going to think twice about going to the doctor to get it to reset,” she says. “You find a professional who will guide you through that injury. It’s the same with your brain.”

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Tracey is also part of another inspiring new book, Women Who Boss Up: Secrets of Women Who Are Owning Their Health and Wellness for a Lifestyle They Love, in which she shares that the crisis management mode doesn’t just apply to first responders. Many women end up focusing on everyone but themselves, living at a lightning-fast pace and allowing stress to build up to the point where it affects them physically. If that sounds like you, Tracey encourages you to take the first step: Just tell somebody.

You’ll find more from Tracey in Secrets, which is a collection of interviews by Tam Luc, the author, educator, and podcaster dedicated to helping women “boss up.” It’s like sitting down with 16 mentors and listening to them honestly share their struggles and successes. Each of these top-notch, entrepreneurial women has faced some kind of health and wellness challenge on their way to becoming their own bosses. Readers will learn how they found their paths forward, how they healed, how they put in the work, and how they thrived. This book is for all the entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, and would-be side hustlers who need that bit of inspiration that can come from reading about other women who have made the jump and lived to tell the tale.

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