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Avoiding the “shiny-object syndrome”: How to get clarity during this time

Inspiring new book features 16 women who overcame challenges to find success and purpose as entrepreneurs

USA, January 4, 2021 / -- Steph Shinabery spent years living a life that didn’t measure up to what she knew it could be. She had a successful career as a nurse anesthesiologist, didn’t want for any material things and she had a beautiful daughter. On the outside things looked great but, on the inside, she had longing to make art, free creative spirit but was battling a grueling alcohol addiction, despite many attempts to stop.

Today Steph is living authentically as her sober self and is pursuing her creativity and entrepreneurial passion. She is a published author and business strategist. Always drawn to teaching, she says “I fell in love with marketing and I fell in love with teaching people marketing. I knew that I eventually wanted my own coaching business because that’s what I love to do. That brought me to where I am today—helping people with their offers, their process. If they want to have their own gig, their own business, I know how to do it.”

Even for people who would love to start their own business but don’t know what they have to offer, she can help. “There are more than 400 niches out there! Anything you know that you can teach someone or share with someone, you can monetize,” she says. “There are different methods I use to help clients identify how they can help people, what skillset they have that they can transfer to others, and then I teach them how to market that.”

It’s not always easy to go through the process on your own, as Steph can attest. “One of the challenges for me was really getting clear on picking one thing. It’s easy to get into the shiny-object syndrome—I would take this course and that course and just get overloaded and blow tons of money.” Vetting opportunities and then focusing on the one you really want are skills many people need help to develop.

Steph tells her story in “Rule Your Mind Rock Your Best Life,” a chapter in the book Beyond Success with Steph Shinabery. You can connect with her on Facebook and through the Facebook group Purpose-Driven Profits: Coaches, Consultants, and Experts.

She also shares much more of her grueling story of learning to manage her alcoholism in an inspiring new book, Women Who Boss Up: Secrets of Women Who Are Owning Their Health and Wellness for a Lifestyle They Love, by Tam Luc, the author, educator, and podcaster dedicated to helping women “boss up.” Tam has gathered a top-notch group of women who have faced health and wellness challenges on their way to becoming their own bosses. Readers will learn how they found their paths forward, how they healed, how they put in the work, and how they thrived. This book is for all the entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, and would-be side hustlers who need that bit of inspiration that can come from reading about other women who have made the jump and lived to tell the tale.

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