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#1 Bestselling author says, “Sometimes big change can come from a tiny shift.”

Inspiring new book features 16 women who overcame challenges to find success and purpose as entrepreneurs

USA, January 4, 2021 / -- Kennethia Shalon has a gift. It’s seeing connections where others don’t—the idea that how you approach one area of your life holds clues to how you approach a different area of your life. “I like figuring out how people tick,” she says, “and based on that, I have this ability to connect the dots. People don’t make the correlation a lot of times.” As a money mindset coach—or, as she frames it, a “freedom facilitator,” Kennethia opens clients’ eyes to where their past mistakes or current habits are holding them hostage. “Sometimes big change can come from a tiny shift and it takes a coach to spot that for you where you just don’t see it,” she explains.

She also practices what she preaches by working with coaches herself, and she says it took her some time to get past things that happened in the past. It’s part of what motivated her to take the entrepreneurial leap. “I stayed stuck for way too long, and it hurts me to think that somebody else would do that. I want to help people move forward.”

She has many methods for helping clients do that, but she usually starts with having them get clear on their values, make a decision on what they want (and be specific about it), and then be open to opportunities. “Once you start to move your feet in that direction, opportunities will pop up. Don’t be afraid. Just try it.”

Find out more about Kennethia’s offerings at her website, or follow her on social media, where she is @kennethiashalon.

Kennethia tells her story in an inspiring new book, Women Who Boss Up: Secrets of Women Who Are Owning Their Health and Wellness for a Lifestyle They Love, by Tam Luc, the author, educator, and podcaster dedicated to helping women “boss up.” Tam has gathered a top-notch group of women who have faced wellness challenges or other obstacles on their way to becoming their own bosses. Readers will learn how they found their paths forward, how they healed, how they put in the work, and how they thrived. This book is for all the entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, and would-be side hustlers who need that bit of inspiration that can come from reading about other women who have made the jump and lived to tell the tale.

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