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#1 Bestselling Author speaks about being true to yourself, and believing you are enough

Inspiring new book features 16 women who overcame challenges to find success and purpose as entrepreneurs

USA, January 4, 2021 / -- If your coach doesn’t have a coach, how are they learning? Life coach Susan Elizabeth hired her own coach in 2004 and never looked back, even though she had already done plenty of personal development on her own. “I’ve been working with a life coach for almost 16 years now,” she says. “I know the power of coaching and I feel called to bring the message and bring the learning to others and make a bigger impact out in the world.”

Specifically, she sees an epidemic among women not believing they are enough, and not having the confidence to be themselves. “I think the root cause of so many health issues for women is a disconnection from themselves,” Susan explains. “I had to really learn to be myself and stop abandoning myself. I either had the disease to please earlier in my career, or I thought I had to “man up” later in my career because I wanted to be accepted. I wanted my ideas to be liked. And I had to stop that and come back home to myself and really learn to stand true in myself no matter what others say.”

Getting to that place was a journey for Susan, and it’s a journey she is committed to taking other women on. “Invest in yourself and recognize your self-worth,” she says. “Hiring a coach changed my life.” She also advises a practice of “exquisite self-care,” which she defines as balancing ambition with ease. Working hard requires recovery time in order to build resilience and wellness for the long haul. “I really want to show up and have my body do what I want it to do in this life. Because there is so much that I want to do.”

Susan’s advice is collected in an eBook called The Secrets of Truly Powerful Women that you can download for free at her website:, where you can also join her community or contact her directly.

Susan shares other nuggets of wisdom in an inspiring new book, Women Who BossUp: Secrets of Women Who Are Owning Their Health and Wellness for a Lifestyle They Love, by Tam Luc, the author, educator, and podcaster dedicated to helping women “boss up.” Tam has gathered a top-notch group of women who have faced health and wellness challenges on their way to becoming their own bosses. Readers will learn how they found their paths forward, how they healed, how they put in the work, and how they thrived. This book is for all the entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, and would-be side hustlers who need that bit of inspiration that can come from reading about other women who have made the jump and lived to tell the tale.
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Tam Luc is a #1 international bestselling author and founder of Women with Vision International who shares the triumphs, stress, and struggles of balancing her life to help women grow their business. After 20 years as a business entrepreneur, she helps women leverage their message and create the lifestyle they want through her own unique book messaging strategies.

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