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Music Composer Become Author With New Book Solo Symphony

UK, January 3, 2021 / -- A man who has spent his life entertaining others with his love of music as a music composer, arranger and writer, has now turned his sights on bringing life to the literature world.

Behnam Kodarahmi who was born in Persia but now resides in Europe has written a book called Solo Symphony that has everything you could want from a compelling read. It has love, mystery, hatred, and betrayal, not what you would expect from a book that is centered in the music world about a successful musician and university professor.

Since Behnam released his book, it has achieved positive reviews and set social media alive. So, we wanted to learn more about Behnam Khodarhmi, and his now book. This is what he had to say.

1- For people who don’t know you, please introduce yourself?
I’m Behnam Khodarahmi. I was born in Persia. I am a music graduate, of course I also studied a short management course. I have been working in various fields of music for about two decades and I have also started authorship since 2010.

2- Can you tell me something about yourself that you have never told anyone? I usually have nothing to hide in my life or work because I always say everything I have to say.

3- Behnam, you are a music arranger and composer, can you explain what that means? Well, of course, In today's changing world many meanings can be said for these 2 words but I think the simplest meaning for a composer is someone who creates song and music arranger is someone who arranges a song with different instruments.

4- You have been working in different areas of music for more than twenty years, at what age were you when you first fell In love with music? I started playing music when I was 6 years old, To be honest, I don’t know when I fell in love with music, but I know for sure that music flows like blood in my veins.

5- What areas of music have you been involved in during your 20-year career? Composing, arranging music and writing lyrics in different languages, playing piano, Accordion, Kamancheh, Persia percussion in the studio and on stage.

6. When you first started writing music, did you find it an easy transition? Yes, it was easy for me because I grew up with music.

7- A lot of people don’t understand how important music is, can you explain how important is music to your life? Surely you know that if your heart rate becomes irregular, your whole body will be disrupted! Why? because all the organs of the body work with the rhythm of music, this harmony of music also continues in life, community, and so on.

8- You can play the piano, Accordion, Kamancheh, and Persia percussion, which instrument was the easiest to learn? My father was my first music teacher, he taught me kindness and love with music, so it was easy to learn all the instruments.

9- You have just published a book called Solo Symphony, what is the book about? This book is a real novel. A story from love, mystery, and betrayal.

10. I cannot really remember the last time a novel about a symphony orchestra has been released, what made you decide to choose that topic? In this story, I liken life to a symphony orchestra. The main character (Henry) is a successful musician who, in the worst conditions, leads the symphony orchestra of his life in the best way and alone.

11- The plotline of the book has everything, love, mystery, and betrayal, what research did you during the writing process? This book is based on a true story, but I read a few books on the subject and sought advice from my brother's wife, who is a psychologist.

12. The story of the ovel took place in New York, USA, why did you choose New York? New York is a place like any other.

13- Henry, who is the main character of the book, and who is a successful musician and university professor, have you based Henry on anyone you know? Yes, all the characters in this story are based on reality.

14- Your book has received rave reviews, how does it make you feel to hear so much positive feedback? Certainly good feedback multiplies my motivation to continue on this way. I need to thank all those who gave me good energy with their positive feedback.

15- How different is it from writing music to writing a novel? I do both from the depths of my being. I write because when the word ends, the music starts, and when the music ends, the soul begins to spout, and that spout puts words on white paper.

16- Covid19 has affected the arts world in a big way, with millions of people in the industry unable to work, how have you handled the pandemic? I consider the Corona (Covid19) season a special opportunity. An opportunity to progress and do all the half-done work that should have been done. I'm usually a very busy person, but I started working as a freelancer in the field of music at the beginning of Covid19.

17- If you could perform at any venue in the world, who would it be and why? I always like to be myself and it doesn't matter to me wherever I can perform on this planet to help music.

Check out the new book, SOLO SYMPHONY

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