Lumiere International announcing our 15 Gold Leaders of the year 2020 1) Vienna Mok Singapore 2) Naoko Ohara Japan 3) Gurdev Kaur Singapore 4) Fanelle Chua Singapore 5) Daphne Neo Singapore 6) Shyleena Faridah Hope Malaysia 7) Aivin Lin Singapore 8. Yamam



Lumiere International Awarded Aivin Lin, Shyleena Faridah Hope and Yamamoto Emiko as the 3 Top winners of Gold Leader of the Year 2020/2021

SINGAPORE, January 4, 2021 / -- Multi International Beauty Pageantry Company, Lumiere International has decided to re-venture into the manufacturing and distribution of high quality skincare products made from 24K Gold and Champagne extract as well as 100% Pure Therapeutic Organic Essential Oil and spa products, such as aroma diffuser, body scrub, massage oil etc.

With the Pandemic Situation since early 2019, events was place on halt international affecting numerous industries. Being in the events field where Lumiere International hosts and organises international pageantries in Singapore, their company was among the affected trades leaving them with a lost of 99% of their yearly income. Till today, the social events industry is unable to operate in Singapore with the enhanced CoVID-19 measures, hence, Lumiere International took the downfall to return to the beauty and wellness industry. During the lockdown, Lumiere International has successfully trained their first batch of leaders to bring holistic wellness and beauty into the market with niche and premium luxury beauty products.

The company plans to use a multi-level marketing (MLM) business model to sell the products directly to customers worldwide. Lumiere International Pageantry is widely associated with international pageants namely Mrs Global Universe, Mrs. Worldwide, Mrs Asia Pacific, Miss Global Universe, Miss Tourism Worldwide, and Miss Lumiere International World which further enhances it success of its MLM model in ensuring global sales are achieved on a massive scale.

Lumiere has signed a contractual agreement with a major skincare products manufacturer based out of France for the mass production of a complete line of its private label Skincare Lumina - Illuminate Gold Series. That will enable Lumiere to focus majority of its resources towards worldwide distribution.

Lumiere International will be selling their products to two customer segments: The first segment targets individual customers who love taking care of their skin. These individuals are health and fashion conscious customers who are looking for the best quality skin care products. The second target segment is a
selectred group from within the first segment of individual customers. Some of these individuals will be recruited to become distributors of Skincare Lumina - Illuminate Gold Series products and Lumiere Wellness Essential Oils.

Lumiere International was founded in 2002 by Justina Quek, a successful entrepreneur and beauty expert with more than 21 years of solid experience in the industry. Justina is also the President of multiply International pageantry. She founded the company out of her passion for providing the world with the best anti-aging skin care products suitable for all skin types. With her combined expertise and business acumen, Justina will be able to sustainably and profitably run Lumiere towards great success.

Leveraging on its association with multiply international pageants. Lumiere will be able to directly engage stakeholders in the global beauty industry there connecting with buyers who will distribute the Skincare Lumina - Illuminate Gold Series products and Lumiere Wellness Essentials oils and spa products to all over the world.

Lumiere International has successfully trained and awarded 15 beauty queen as The Top Gold Leaders of the year 2020 within a period of 6 months during the pandemic period, they are:

1) Vienna Mok Singapore
2) Naoko Ohara Japan
3) Gurdev Kaur Singapore
4) Fanelle Chua Singapore
5) Daphne Neo Singapore
6) Shyleena Faridah Hope Malaysia
7) Aivin Lin Singapore
8. Yamamoto Emiko Japan
9) Miho Sugiyama Japan
10) Dr Shana Yong Malaysia
11) Joyce Law Malaysia
12) Lenny Khairani Singapore
13) Evel Yang Singapore
14) Farah Alobaidi Malaysia
15) Sandy Lim Myanmar

Top Winner Aivin Lin Singapore
2nd Top Winner Shyleena Faridah Hope Malaysia
3rd Top Winner Yamamoto Emiko Japan

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