My New Year Wish Is to Push, The Hidden Elephant in the Room, Emotional Health Into Full Daylight Before Biden-Harris

Brain Education Is At The Door. Please Embrace It.

Emotionally Healthy Brain Generates Emotional Intelligence.

Identify with the mind and with it heal the brain.

use the Brain and Mind to Improve Each Other.

Are you your pure self or your phony self-image?

Use your mind/'I' to heal your brain.

The Biden-Harris Team has the opportunity to make America greater than ever before by putting America on a solid foundation of emotional health.

Biden-Harris team must show me a better plan or prove my emotional health agenda wrong. Otherwise, they must adopt my plan.”
— Sajid Khan
WILMINGTON, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES, January 1, 2021 / -- Re: "Why We Should Focus on Evolution, Not Resolutions
Incremental change is always more impactful than grand gestures.
By Shelly Tygielski, Founder at Pandemic of Love" posted by Thrive Global.

A big mindset change is needed in our leaders and experts, including Arianna Huffington. Why does it always have to be either or? Why shouldn't we focus on evolution and resolutions at the same time?

All our leaders give compelling advice on what to do. But they all try to educate the mind. It is the same as we have 44,000 books on happiness, yet not one makes us happy. All these books try to teach the mind happiness, and when the brain is wired for unhappiness, what can the mind do. Since I first met Arianna at the Wisdom 2.0 conference a few years ago, I have been trying to get her to focus on changing the #brainset but have got no response from her.

Addressing the mind and ignoring the brain's healing is like trying to change brass into gold by gold plating the brass. The world will improve with the genuine efforts of the likes of Arianna. Still, in small increments and in the meantime, old age will catch up just as it always does, leaving the vast majority without pure happiness and without having experienced pure life.

Emotionally challenged brains keep humanity loaded with all kinds of social, physical, emotional, financial, educational, and relationship messes, yet all our leaders do is give moving speeches to change minds. It is as if the engine is damaged, and we keep trying to fix the transmission. The experts do the same. They have emotional intelligence departments when they should have emotional health departments.

Emotional intelligence is the smoke, where emotional health is the fire. They spend their minds, time, and resources trying to create smoke instead of lighting the fire. There are a huge number of cutting-edge experts with lots of effective ways to improve the world. But most of their efforts leave the main problem of emotionally challenged brains unaddressed. Take, for example, one of my favorites, David Brooks of the NY Times. He suggests confronting your weaknesses when it is all about healing your weaknesses. Even the vast pool of NY Times activist journalists every single day fish out the most relevant needles from the needlestack, and yet they miss the elephant in the room. I am grateful they have published over 450 comments, but I have seen not one activist jump onto focusing on emotional health and brain education.

When Obama campaigned for the first term, I followed him all over and gave him my published articles on emotional health and brain education. Obama did announce a brain research initiative, but he ignored my point. His brain initiative was for researching the physical brain while he missed out on researching the emotional brain.

Again, when Obama did a great job of establishing Obamacare, he focused on healthcare economics, ignoring emotional health, the very foundation of healthcare.

I was at this Microsoft conference where they invited the cream of world experts. Their top leaders addressed it. There was one session on healthcare. At the end of the lecture, we were asked if there were any questions. I said that their healthcare initiatives in so many fields are great, but I did not hear any mention of emotional health. The speaker said emotional health was missing from their agenda! Just imagine the very panacea of knowledge ignorant of the very foundation of a healthy, prosperous, and happy life!!!

Again I told them what is wrong with Bill Gates spending half a billion dollars researching 'What makes the best teacher'? Suppose we find out what makes the best teacher, and we take the ten best teachers and teach one student who has an unfocused brain. The student's brain has to be healed first before the best teachers will succeed.

A wise/emotionally-healthy student will find his way to a top-class education with good or bad teachers. So, I told them that they, more importantly, need to find out 'What makes the best student'!

Gates can spend hundreds of billions of dollars to find out what makes the best teachers, but the answer will remain the same, 'A wise/emotionally-healthy teacher makes the best teacher and the best student. With half a billion dollars Microsoft can establish the world's first emotional health university with an attached emotional health hospital.

I even asked them if they had some way of measuring emotions, and they said no. I told them I came to hand over my innovations, even my inventions, to use as their own. I offered them my innovations as gifts as I am a nobody just with effective and essential substance, but with no sizzle and no clout. A mere college dropout with no Ph.D. to my name. On the other hand, Microsoft has all the resources to take over and effectively optimize the world with my innovations.

Before the start of the conference, I handed over my fliers to a few. A couple became instant friends on Facebook. I saw two attendees were suffering from total sex addiction*. I am sure they were desperate to get out of their addiction trap. I offered to help them cure their disease. They denied that they were addicted to sex, and instead of taking my help, they got offended.

I pointed out that their healthcare agenda is half-baked, and it needs the addition of emotional healthcare. Instead of asking how I could help them fill the gap, they got offended. They thought I came to their conference to show off and put Bill Gates and them down. Then even the two sex addicts jumped on my case and said that I insulted them. I was actually thrown out of the conference.

Imagine when it comes to healthcare Microsoft is working equipped with ignorance regarding emotional health that generates wisdom!

I also approached Governor Murphy of New Jersey and Senator Booker. They both constantly talk about mental health, but I have yet to hear them say anything about emotional health.

Please look at the damage to society from neglecting emotional health and look at the bounties in every field of life if emotional health was put on the same track as physical health.

Expert after expert and leader after leader have all ignored my pleas to focus on emotional health. Given Biden's openness to innovation, this is the first time I have hopes of getting the Biden_Harris Team to put America on the road to super emotional health.

* Sex addiction is another very crucial health agenda that is neglected by our leaders and experts. The sex addiction crisis, which affects 12% of America and is slowly spreading unabated, also needs to be addressed.

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