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Economic Recovery requires Traffic Control not Lockdowns

Social Distance Management has developed Social Distance Control Plans for Every Industry

We are responsible for managing the safety of our space. Putting arrows and signs in random areas of the business are not enough if we wish to avoid restrictions. We need a universal approach.”
— Edward Henry
NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 28, 2020 / -- Reactive is the best way to describe the approach that local, regional, federal governments, and businesses have taken towards the challenges of the pandemic. The decisions have been inconsistent throughout the entire pandemic. We have been reacting based on different metrics, and mass confusion of both health and government officials working with a problem that we all have experienced for the 1st time in our lives, but that does not mean that we need to continue to make the same mistakes over and over.

There is a false pretense that certain events in the future including the distribution of vaccines will shorten our pandemic struggles within the next year, but that of course is not realistic. There is going to be challenges for mass distribution of this vaccine, and the adoption of the use of this vaccine on mass levels cannot be properly predicted based on the current apprehension, and distrust by many citizens throughout North America.

The economic challenges are going to continue as we find consistency to the way we conduct our businesses, governments, and social behavior. Social Distance Management has been working on Social Distance Control Plans that are designed to help business manage the exterior of their location, the entrances, exits, customer areas, transaction space and traffic flow. The diligence to managing business space is dependent on the current local pandemic threats, and the number of patrons to be managed in the place where business is conducted. Each industry plan provides recommended PPE, signage, and equipment, and manpower for managing space and traffic that can improve safety for both consumer and employees.

Social Distance Management & Consulting Ltd. Has become frustrated to watch unnecessary business closures throughout many states and provinces in both Canada and the United States due to poor reactive responses without effective planning for implementation. We realized that we needed to patiently focus on the universal standards of Social Distance Compliance before could start addressing the unique challenges facing different industries, but most importantly small business.

If business owners take responsibility for the management of their space, and governments support businesses with needed upgrades for increased productivity, we will develop a system that will always sustain future pandemics, maintain business continuity, and avoid future lockdowns. I am sure that the cost of the pandemic warrants a universal system for business compliance. All traffic plans require consistency so that all consumers understand the infrastructure for crowd control, the management of cleanliness, and space like the consistency of a local traffic system in every city. We all know how to drive no matter where we visit throughout North America.

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