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Bringing education into the 21st century and beyond

CPD offers a wide range of educational products

CPD offers a wide range of educational products

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Bringing innovative solutions to students and providing resources developed by educational professionals in line with the latest educational developments.

SINGAPORE, December 27, 2020 / -- Education is evolving fast. Over the past few decades, new topics have been introduced to students’ curriculums that emphasise different learning components that may not have been required before. CPD Singapore looks to offer resources that are sustainable for learning and that are in line with the developments that a more globalised and technologically-advanced world brings.

CPD Singapore is a Singapore-based education consultancy firm which provides educational solutions to its customers, consisting of a network of university professors, former National Institute of Education (NIE) lecturers, and ex-Ministry of Education (MOE) officers. CPD’s assessment books are written by dedicated education professionals who aim to make learning engaging and effective for students of all levels.

CPD Singapore’s guidebooks and assessment books aim to follow the latest syllabi released from the Ministry of Education in Singapore, in order to provide the most relevant and comprehensive study guides for students. In order to be well-prepared for their examinations, it is important for students to stay relevant and for educators to be aware of the different requirements for different subjects.

In addition, CPD’s STEAM Magazines are innovative resources that provide engaging and interactive content for young learners. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, and it is part of a more recent push in the education sector to take an integrated approach to learning, to encourage innovation and creative thinking.

With a growing emphasis on digital literacy and computer skills, CPD also aims to promote resources that help students develop their programming literacy, such as through coding resources.

All these tools come together to encourage application-based learning, and help students develop the relevant skill-sets that will help them achieve success in the future.

Being able to adapt to developments in education allows students to get a head start in their learning journey. CPD ensures that its resources are sustainable and relevant so as to prepare students for the future. CPD hopes to continue assisting educational institutions and individuals everywhere to achieve success. For more information, please visit

About CPD Singapore Education Services Pte Ltd

CPD Singapore is an education consultancy firm comprising of a team of qualified and accomplished professionals, dedicated to providing accessible and effective educational resources for students and educators worldwide.

The company specialises in curriculums for licensing, and has published more than 200 academic and assessment books, providing knowledgeable and quality resources for students from pre-school to pre-university levels.

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