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No More Lockdowns Campaign to Support Small Businesses

Santa says no more lockdowns

No More Lockdown

Social Distance Management Provides Needed Business Solutions

The solution is safe business methods, not lockdowns. Business continuity has to be the focus if we are to prevent future lockdowns and restrictions that have already cost more $17 trillion.””
— Edward Henry
NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, December 23, 2020 / -- Further measures and restrictions have been placed on many newly classified, non-essential businesses throughout Canada and the United States due to increases in COVID-19 cases. Small businesses, especially in the food and hospitality industry, have been hit the hardest with requirements, such as dining restrictions. Social Distance Management sees what these community-driven businesses are going through as an opportunity to provide them with needed support and resources to transition to being productive while remaining safe.

Essential big-box stores remain open with a lowered capacity and strict safety measures. Small businesses sell some of the same products as big-box stores, but some cannot open because they don’t sell essentials. It is easier to physically distance in smaller stores because owners have more control over their traffic flow at entrances and exits.

Lay-offs are becoming a usual occurrence, and thriving businesses are now forced to lock their doors or even permanently close. Some small businesses do not have the resources or support to move to online platforms and utilize other selling options. Instead of simply placing these businesses under a specific category, we need to provide them with what they need to withstand everything that may happen in a pandemic. Instead of putting “Sorry we’re closed” signs on doors, they should continue to be replaced with capacity limits, mandatory face mask protocols, and social distancing measures.

Throughout the pandemic, the decisions made have included inconsistent and reactive planning, resulting in small businesses struggling to continue operating. There has been much apprehension about wearing a mask and keeping up with all of the changing federal and provincial government regulations. Small businesses are the backbone of our communities and need continued support to feel confident again in running their organization. Consistent closures are not going to allow them to get back to where they were pre-pandemic.

Persistent compliance is necessary to address space management and cleanliness that small businesses struggle to implement due to resources and expertise. Social Distance Control Plans are created to help companies manage their exterior/interior space and traffic flow. Strict capacity limits, the use of PPE, signage, equipment, and trained labor-force should be the universal standards of Social Distance Compliance for businesses. Unfortunately, some reckless business management's economic struggles have resulted in additional restrictions that have made it next to impossible for small businesses to survive.

To maintain business continuity and avoid future closures, we decided to use face masks, promoting our unified message against lockdowns. The proceeds from our "No More Lockdowns" face mask will fund the initiative to address small business deficiencies to becoming Social Distance Compliant. If we come together to revitalize business owners all over the continent and begin to take sufficient steps into a future that can safely keep small businesses running, then we can reopen into a thriving economy. We should understand that consistency in control plans is the key for small businesses to rebuild their success. Help stop lockdowns and unlock the doors of our small businesses. To support our “No More Lockdowns” initiative, please go to to purchase a face mask.

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