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Miami Exclusive Men Center that Boosts Non-gender Self- Care: Meet Founder Paula Christiansen

USA, December 17, 2020 / -- Why we get used to thinking about wellness centers as a feminine thing? Sexist prejudging makes us believe that personal care is only for women. But that isn't the truth. Men can (and should) take care of themselves as much as women. After all, it's not just about looking better. Self-care is a self-love act about being a better version of yourself.

Paula Christiansen, founder of Mint Wellness Center, left stereotypes aside to create a completely unique gender-free space. Her concept of self-esteem and self-worth has nothing to do with biological sexes or gender roles. Paula offers an exclusive experience as a personalized wellness center in Miami with room for men. “Myth or stigma that man doesn't fit something like a wellness center has been broken.”

At Mint Wellness Center, men are as welcome as women. They enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable experience that includes multiple forms of self-care. I loved her idea, so meeting her was an incredible journey that changed my own perception of wellness centers.

Paula agrees that wellness centers allow us to relax and learn to love us as we are: “Loving ourselves, giving gifts to our body, is like growing. Giving you time in the wellness center is part of it.”

Mint Wellness Center sessions for men focus on helping them to get back their self-esteem, to love their body, and enjoy their healing process. “It’s a path in which men enjoy every step.” However, her idea was received a little bit different as she thought in the making process.

She tells me that her first marketing campaign showed a man measuring his belly plus the scandalous slogan: Marriage gets you fat. It was risky, even her own husband told her! But she was very clear about who she was talking to about that slogan. Men also have a mirror in their home and are as aware of their changing bodies as we women are. "It caught several men's attention who hadn't been taking care during their marriage. Actually, many of them called me with terror. But as soon as I explained to them how we would work, they joined me to get their body back.”

Not only Mint brings traditional treatment and massage, but it also gives hints to reach full self-care. For Paula, personal care doesn't begin at a wellness center. It has to do with a man's attitude and willingness to feel better about himself. That's why, during our talk, she shared with me some skincare tips that she always mentions to her beloved male clients:
● In the shaving time, open your skin pores with a warm towel. Shaving foam and after-shaving-lotions are essential to avoid ingrown hair, blotchiness, or allergies.
● Using sunscreen will reduce the UV ray impact on your face and will help you with skin stains.
● Have no fear of face masks and moisturizers if you want a soft, good-smelling, fresh face!

Frank, a client of hers, tells me how it was to come here for the first time: “I wanted to lose some pounds and fat rolls, and I had looked for so long how to improve my dryness skin.” A month later, he says he looks and feels totally different. “I feel like I found myself as I walk in a white sand beach and my feet enjoy the sand texture, and the sea breeze refreshes me.”

When I asked him if he’d recommended a wellness center day with his male friends, his answer was a big surprise for me: “Of course I do! Not only recommended it, but I would also become a promotor. Men must know their sensibility about themselves to understand their role in society.”

Under all circumstances, Mint Wellness Center was a total success in Miami. For me, seeing men on tables receiving massages or wearing moisturizing masks was a shocking image. It was like a blow to those preconceived ideas about what a man and a woman should do, and I am so grateful to live this! Men's wellness centers are here to stay - very appropriate for our time and the future that lies ahead!

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