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People Power Delivers First of Its Kind AI-as-a-Service for Telehome and Smart Home Service Providers

New AI-powered time-series machine learning care services through API integrations include fall detection, sleep monitoring and occupancy detection.

The availability of our APIs and the AI + IoT Bot Server that surround them can accelerate companies in the smart home market with new revenue generating services...”
— David Moss, President and CTO, People Power
PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 14, 2020 / -- People Power, a leading Silicon-Valley developer of custom branded white-label consumer services, announces the availability of the first of its kind AI services designed to rapidly enhance service providers’ consumer offerings through advanced cloud-to-cloud and app-to-cloud Application Programming Interface (API) integrations. Companies serving the smart home, security, telehome and senior care markets can leverage People Power’s newly available APIs to serve as the real-time intelligence behind their own branded offerings. A menu of AI services available through API integration include automated fall detection, sleep prediction, sleep monitoring and alerts, bathroom monitoring, absence classification and coming-back-home predictions. These AI services leverage data from common activity sensing devices, including non-invasive passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors, and door/window entry sensors common in today’s security systems. Integration partners will also have access to People Power’s AI + IoT Bot Server to invent and add their own proprietary Python-based AI services for further differentiation. Partners may choose to add professional central station monitoring to selected homes in the U.S. with People Power’s UL-listed emergency call center partner AvantGuard Monitoring.

The API integration process is straightforward, placing the partner’s IoT platform in full control of People Power’s AI and machine learning services. Homes and their IoT devices are first securely registered, and selected AI bot services are activated for each subscriber. As real-time device data is shared, AI bots form representational models of the home to learn lifestyle patterns and identify inconsistencies. Partners can choose from several methods to deliver alerts and insights back to their own IoT platform or mobile apps with AWS SQS, Kafka, Rabbit MQ, WebHooks or WebSockets. Partners can also create and add their own bots to People Power’s platform to implement proprietary API callbacks. People Power’s solutions are HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA compliant, and maintain the highest levels of data security and privacy to protect users.

“Multiple years and millions of dollars must be invested to capture enough real-world data from homes to build and validate time-series machine learning algorithms that learn lifestyle patterns and identify abnormalities, including falls”, said David Moss, President and CTO of People Power. “We’ve made these investments, and the availability of our APIs and the AI + IoT Bot Server that surround them can accelerate companies in the smart home market with new revenue generating services and compose new offerings that address opportunities in the rapidly expanding senior care market.”

AI + IoT bot-powered care services available for API integration include:

• Automated Fall and Inactivity Detection: Learns lifestyle patterns in the home and alerts if they deviate unexpectedly, for a more complete solution than PERS offerings that can’t work when a button is out of reach.
• Sleep Prediction: Predicts the optimal time occupants should go to bed at night, and what time they are expected to awake the next morning.
• Sleep Classification: Identifies when occupants are asleep and when they have awakened, based on real-time activity in the home.
• Sleep Quality: Calculates sleep quality percentage and running average using a motion sensor or pressure pad in the bedroom.
• Bathroom Monitoring: Tracks bathroom visits for urinary tract infections or dehydration using a motion sensor in the bathroom, also increasing the awareness of fall detection.
• Absence Classification: Identifies when the home is unoccupied without using smartphones, wearables or geofencing, helping to manage security, energy and comfort.
• Coming-Back-Home Predictions: Predicts the time occupants are expected to return home, delivering alerts to family and caregivers if occupants have not returned by an expected time.
• Vacation Classification: Identifies when occupants may have gone on vacation or are expected to be absent for an extended period of time.

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