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Premier Vein & Body By Schwartz Adds FemiLift to Cosmetic Laser Treatments

KANSAS CITY, MO, USA, December 9, 2020 / -- Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz, founded by Dr. Craig Schwartz, is pleased to announce the addition of the FemiLift Pixel CO2 laser for the improvement of women’s intimate health. As women are taking charge of their sexual health and the effects of childbearing and menopause more than ever, FemiLift gives Premier Vein & Body patients a new treatment option to significantly improve their quality of life.

In the past, Kegel exercises or surgery were the only treatment options for women facing vaginal laxity and urinary incontinence. FemiLift promises to change that. 360º rotation ensures the CO2 laser energy reaches the entirety of a patient’s vaginal epithelium to heat and contract collagen fibers within the vaginal walls, stimulating collagen production and improving existing collagen weakened by childbearing, age, and menopausal hormone shifts. FemiLift’s energy also improves blood flow to the treatment area, which increases lubrication lost during menopause that can make intimacy painful. If stress incontinence is a patient’s main concern, FemiLift alleviates embarrassing leakage or dribbling from coughing or minor physical activity. That panicked rush to the bathroom because of urgency is no longer necessary.

“This is an incredibly underserved area of care for women in our metro region,” says Dr. Schwartz. “Nearly any woman who is post-menopausal will benefit from this device, as will any woman—young, middle aged, or elderly—either post multiple pregnancies or due to aging, who has any degree of stress incontinence or vaginal laxity. This device provides a simple, quick, easy, and essentially painless alternative to having bladder suspension surgery, or having to commit to taking hormones and the subsequent medical risks associated with their long term usage. For many of these women, this procedure can be life-changing, and perhaps even relationship-saving. Oftentimes, the partners are even happier than the actual patients with the results.”

Almost all women can benefit from FemiLift Pixel CO2 laser treatment, including patients dealing with vaginal prolapse, endometriosis, pelvic pain or relaxation, and incontinence. Birth control is of no concern with FemiLift, no matter the method patients use. FemiLift has greatly helped survivors of breast cancer achieve improved intimate health, and for any woman wishing to avoid hormone replacement therapy, this new treatment will open doors not previously available.

Dr. Schwartz believes FemiLift has the potential to help a lot of patients, and for more than just intimate health. "Although there are now multiple devices on the market, many of them will only treat either vaginal atrophy or stress incontinence. The FemiLift is one of the few, and perhaps the only device, which provides excellent results for both areas of concern. In addition, the CO2 laser can also be used to provide skin rejuvenation in other areas besides the genitalia. Finally, Premier Vein already has several devices from Alma Lasers, and they trust this company, their technology, and the results their devices can obtain, as well as their customer support.”

Dr. Schwartz, known as Kansas City’s “Vein Guy,” is one of the Midwest’s most accomplished vein specialists, and during his years serving thousands of vascular patients, he saw the need for top quality, in-office based cosmetic laser treatments by a trusted, well-established and board-certified physician. Expanding Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz to include the latest technological cosmetic enhancement procedures was a natural progression, and it’s advancements like the FemiLift Pixel CO2 laser that make all the difference for a patient’s quality of life.

"The age range of our female patients seeking cosmetic care is exactly the same group of women who will absolutely benefit greatly from the results of treatment with FemiLift. Premier Vein already has wonderful devices and treatments to treat the face, the legs, and contouring of the body, now has something to offer for this anatomic region, and essentially can help women with almost any concern from ‘top to bottom.’”

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