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Volta Air Technology Launches Pluto Dual, a Fully-Battery Powered Refrigeration Unit for Urban Delivery

Offers Multi Temp freezer/refrigerator capabilities, with up to 10 hours of battery-only running

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, December 7, 2020 / -- Volta Air Technology, a leading global manufacturer of refrigeration units for delivery vehicles, today announced the launch of its new full electric Multi Temp Refrigeration Unit: Pluto Dual. Part of the company’s electric refrigeration lineup, the Pluto Dual is a fully-battery powered refrigeration unit available for delivery vehicles. It can run for up to 10 hours solely on battery power on all electric installs, though it also has the ability to be charged via diesel or gasoline engines.

As its name suggests, the Pluto Dual offers separate spaces for refrigeration and freezer workloads. The system is three times stronger than any electric reefer unit on the market, with adequate space for both fresh and frozen products. Its multiple zones are built so the temperature for each section can be controlled independently. Further section divisions offer storage for different types of food. The Pluto Dual is thus capable of handling multiple deliveries simultaneously.

Pluto Dual is projected to fill a significant gap in the food delivery vehicle market. According to Matt Ajami, Volta Air Senior Business Advisor, “The current problem with the day-to-day urban delivery of fresh and frozen products is that when a delivery vehicle stops, its engine needs to run continuously to keep the products fresh or frozen. This is bad for the environment and a major waste of money and fuel. It’s also not healthy for newer engines.”

Pluto Dual’s extended battery life enables a delivery operation to save $2,000 per year on fuel costs, assuming five days a week of service with 8 steps, and a total of more than 15 minutes per unloading or loading. Compared to a purely engine-driven unit, the estimated savings are over $9,000 per year. Of these estimated savings, the fuel cost itself is around $8,150 per year, with around $1,000 per year for maintenance. The Pluto Dual is energy efficient, but also highly functional. For example, it is in a position to generate between 4,800 and 12,000 BTU/H. Yet, it is designed to maintain a temperature from -15℃ to +15℃.

A diesel engine, therefore, acts as an attribute and not a necessity for the Pluto Dual. Volta Air expects that idle time will also no longer be a problem, because the engine is not connected with the refrigeration system. If a vehicle using the Pluto Dual is left unattended, the quality of the food or other temperature-sensitive products it carries will not be affected. Since the engine is not required to run at all times, problems will be handled better when a Pluto Dual van stops to deliver products.

Pluto Dual can be recharged from the electrical grid or even from solar arrays. The option to switch between electric and diesel/gasoline provides an eco-friendlier method of food delivery. This is a realization of the company’s commitment to providing refrigeration units to electric vehicles for better, more durable, and sustainable food deliveries. With the diesel engine switched off, carbon emissions are far lower. Volta Air has also considered the reduction of noise pollution, which is an issue with engine-driven reefer units. When the Pluto Dual is used in an electric vehicle, the result is a noise-free experience for the operator as well as the people around them.

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About the Pluto Refrigeration Unit Line-Up
Fuel consumption is not only costly, but also bad for the environment. This formed the basic need for electric units for food deliveries, which led to Volta Air manufacturing the Pluto line-up. All the units have been designed, tested, and engineered in North America. The units are powered using internal batteries that can be charged in stand-by mode and by various methods, including solar. When lacking electric power, the hybrid technology enables the units to switch to gasoline/diesel-mode, making them ideal for emergencies when you are dealing with temperature-sensitive food and/or pharmaceutical products.

Moreover, the Pluto series comes with a fully integrated hardware/software solution for real-time monitoring specialized for the on-demand delivery of fresh and frozen products to monitor the quality, freshness, and integrity of delivered products.

About Volta Air Technology
A global leader in electric reefer technology, Volta Air has committed itself to producing eco-friendly, electric refrigeration units for vans. Electric units are the future, as they allow users to keep the engine off while they are waiting to load or unload. They are the perfect solution for ferry trips, in the case of a hybrid model. This makes electric vans suitable for both long and short drives as well as sustainable food delivery. Before the Pluto refrigeration units, Volta Air produced equipment such as no-idle AC units for trucks and equipment monitoring devices. The company’s main aim is to establish powerful refrigeration units that are completely battery-based. Currently, the company manufactures approximately 100 units per month in their factory in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Volta Air’s customers include big chains like Walmart and other big companies across North America. Moreover, in California, Volta Air is eligible for an 80% rebate from the Prop-1B program through the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

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