Identify with the mind and with it heal the brain.

use the Brain and Mind to Improve Each Other.

Are you your pure self or your phony self-image?

Use your mind/'I' to heal your brain.

Instead of tasting wisdom in old age live it up ASAP.

Why wait for old age to taste pure life when you can do it now.

The American world order is based on emotionally challenged health that has messed up social standards forever. A full focus on emotional health is essential.

Ignoring emotional health generates emotionally challenged behavior that results in messing up love, education, health, society, prosperity, etc. Draining trillions of dollars & depriving a pure life.”
— Sajid Khan
WILMINGTON, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES, December 14, 2020 / -- Please help fix America's #1 problem of America being an emotionally challenged country.

We spend countless billions trying to educate the emotionally challenged minds! Without trying to heal the emotionally challenged brains that project the emotionally challenged minds.

 America is an emotionally challenged country by far. Emotional health is confused as mental health and has remained under the radar screen since the dawn of history. The time has come to drag emotional health out from under the radar screen and focus on making America an emotional health superpower.

Emotional health is so crucial that America needs to create a department of emotional health headed by a fully ranked cabinet secretary with an independent charge. Along with departments of emotional health in universities and hospitals.

Why do you think women live longer? Why do you think 50% of America struggles to make ends meet? Why do you think almost all crime and corruption are by men? Why are our mental beds occupied mostly by men? Why do men have far more addiction problems? Why Black women are thriving, and Black men are socially, economically, and emotionally struggling? Why are the vast majority of police killings by men police officers? Why do men start wars in governments headed by women doing better in handling the coronavirus? The reason is crystal clear: women are brought up humble while men are brought up macho. Humility is wisdom, and machoness is ignorance, so we bring up our women wise and our men ignorant. Just imagine the sweeping improvements in social standards just by bring up our sons humble.

American education has focused on educating half the brain. The focus has been on educating the professional brain. In contrast, the emotional brain's education has remained not only neglected the emotional health of the brain has been messed up. Neither Republicans nor Democrats have taken up brain education. When Obama announced his candidacy for the White House, I followed him at rallies and handed him my brain education plan from different perspectives again and again. I even visited Arne Duncan's office in Chicago and met his staff. They admitted that there was no focus on emotional health education, and there was a need for it. However, they took no action. 

The Obama administration focused on providing healthcare to as many as possible. They focused on the economics of healthcare and not the equally essential health quality of healthcare. I have now personally handed over my emotional healthcare plan to the Biden-Harris team. I hope they will take action, as emotional health is far more than just brain education. Proper emotional health generates wisdom, and wisdom is the ingredient that will replace the current social mess with a thriving society. Wisdom will affect and improve every sector of life. 

Governments need to improve health, happiness, and prosperity. Nothing will improve in social standards if our government leaders and experts continue to neglect brain education.

Learning wisdom by old age is unnecessary, avoidable, a costly, and avoidable blunder. Where is the fun in getting emotionally hammered throughout the prime of life and then enjoying wisdom by old age when life is slipping away?

Learning through mistakes is paying a high price for not training the brain to not make emotional mistakes in the first place! Making mistakes and learning through them is fine for sports and mind education. It is foolish for brain education to let the brain go through an emotionally challenging upbringing and a kind of trauma and then pay a huge price before learning from emotional mistakes. In fact, many miss the wisdom ride altogether. They never know pure happiness and authentic relationships.

We need to make sure the brains are wired for wisdom from the get-go. I am ready to provide my step by step plan to ensure our future generations do not have to pay a heavy emotional price of learning from experience. We can teach them to enjoy a thriving, emotionally healthy life without paying for emotional mistakes.

We must define & act on the main problem; we talk of health and ignore emotional health, the very foundation of health, happiness, education, & prosperity.

We have cutting-edge mind education, and as a result, civilization in terms of infrastructure is improving. Brain education that ensures emotional health is ignored and messed up, and as a result, our emotional health and, thus, our social health is messed up, messing up the social standards.

Our society is a mess because our emotional health is a mess as there is no focus on emotional health. Emotional health is misdefined as mental health, even when these are separate entities. The Social Progress Institute that has several Nobel Prize winners, is now asking for similar action. 

Biden & Harris have an opportunity to accomplish what no president has done ever before, solve once & for all America's #1 problem of America being an emotionally challenged country.

It is the inherently ingrained male machoness that triggers most of the ills of society. The Biden-Harris team needs to draw up a manual for wise parenting for the young and brain therapy for the rest. 

Biden-Harris team must put an end to raising our sons into emotional health disasters. 

All the 50 metrics of well-being measured by the social institute index are a mess as our emotional health education is a mess. We educate the mind while miseducating the brain...

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