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Rose Grower Asif Ali Gohar Creates New Rose Variety Named Gohar

PAKISTAN, December 2, 2020 / -- Asif Ali Gohar has been a renowned rose grower for over ten years. The father of two is highly respected in Pakistan for his noble contribution to the rose-growing industry. He gained his experience and strengthened his rose growing talents working and managing his family-owned floral shop based in Lahore, Pakistan. Asif was always known for his incredible flowers. He worked towards continuous improvement, until one day, he surprised the residents of Lahore with a unique type of rose that he created himself.

Innovation in the rose-growing industry is not common as it can be quite a challenge for many gardeners. Asif Ali Gohar is known to be strong-willed and determined. He worked on his extraordinary project for several years before he was proud enough to show off his creation to the world. Setting up high standards for himself, he worked tirelessly through multiple rounds of experimentation. Creating a novel typology of roses involves delicate crossbreeding, which not many are capable of succeeding in.

Asif Ali Gohar has celebrated his new rose by creating a special event for his loyal clients. Thus, the launching of the Gohar rose was announced. It wasn’t only his customers who were amazed to see such a stunning creation, Asif Ali Gohar has gained more even more customers as a result of the Gohar rose. His customers were usually Lahore-based, but now they travel from all over Pakistan to get to Asif’s floral shop. It has become a nationwide sensation.

The Gohar rose is a combination of crossbreeding between the Rosa chinensis and Rosa multiflora. Gardeners from across the globe have complimented its distinctiveness. The Gohar rose’s petals are significantly more vibrant and potent in color, its stems are lengthier, and leaves wider. The best season to plant the Gohar rose is during the autumn season, allowing it to provide enough time to achieve its full bloom by the spring season.

Due to its countrywide popularity, Asif Ali Gohar’s floral shop typically receives a waitlist even before the Gohar rose is available. This has triggered Asif to boost the production and distribution of the Gohar rose in order to avoid any disappointment amongst customers. Accessibility was always one of Asif’s core values when he was creating the Gohar rose. With this, Asif has refused to increase the price of the Gohar rose despite its rise in demand. Asif envisions to have the Gohar rose spread its magnificence and enlighten numerous gardens of neighborhoods in Pakistan.

The increased production and distribution are currently in progress, with only a few formalities left to finalize. The next step for Asif would be to upsurge coverage on a global scale. Although many countries across the globe have expressed their positive intent, it may take a few more years due to contract agreements across countries.

As an enthusiast for modernization, Asif Ali Gohar intends to have his crossbreeding skills challenged in his upcoming projects. In one of his interviews, he announced that he intends to create a new classification of tulips. This is said to be much more complex than crossbreeding roses. However, citizens of Pakistan trust that if there any individual who could achieve this, it would only be up to Asif Ali Gohar. Many of his clients are excited about his new ventures and have even asked for further details. Asif has decided to maintain confidentiality for now as the project might take several years.

All in all, the Gohar rose has certainly impressed the world, making Asif Ali Gohar one of the most prominent rose growers of today’s modern society.

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