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Pest Management Company Versa-Tech Offers Free Rodent Prevention Consultations for Greater Los Angeles Area

Free Rodent Prevention Consultations Greater Los Angeles Area

Versa-Tech Offering Free Rodent Prevention Consultations to Greater Los Angeles Homes & Businesses

Greater Los Angeles Rodent Control Company Versa-Tech Pest Management

Greater Los Angeles Rodent Control Company Versa-Tech Pest Management

Rodent Control Greater Los Angeles Area

Rodent Control Greater Los Angeles Area

San Dimas Pest Control Company Versa-Tech to Offer Free Rodent Prevention Consultations, Rodent Inspections and Estimates from December 1 - December 30, 2020.

What makes Versa-Tech so unique is our ability to perform a thorough inspection and to properly identify rodent damage, species, entry points and areas of “harbor-age".”
— Jason Baacke, Founder / CEO Versa-Tech PM
SAN DIMAS, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 25, 2020 / -- In an effort to help protect public health and support their community, San Dimas-based pest control company Versa-Tech is providing free rodent prevention consultations, inspections and estimates for homes and businesses in the greater Los Angeles area from December 1 through December 30, 2020.

“Rats and mice are known to spread over 35 diseases that can infect both people and pets,” says Versa-Tech CEO / Founder Jason Baacke. “Without regular rodent control services, rodents can over time find or make new ways in your home or business. Regular structure inspections and maintenance is key to rodent prevention,” Baacke goes on to say.

A family-owned and operated business, Southern California Pest Control Company Versa-Tech Pest Management is on a mission to educate the public about rodent prevention and to help both residences and commercial properties maintain rodent control.

“We're committed to providing exceptional pest control service with professional, customized rodent control services for both our residential and commercial customers,” states Baacke.

Versa-Tech provides our clients with the most aggressive rodent service in the industry. From inspection to completion, Versa-Tech offers a variety of different options to eliminate rodents, rats and mice from your business or home.

“What makes Versa-Tech so unique is our ability to perform a thorough inspection and to properly identify rodent damage, species, entry points and areas of “harbor-age,” states Baacke.

A proper inspection allows Versa-Tech to provide faster results and the proper service. Versa-Tech will also follow up regularly and perform follow up inspections to make sure the job was done correctly.

Book Your Free Rodent Prevention Consultation & Inspection

If you think your business or home may have rodent activity, or just want a plan to keep rodents away, please contact us for a free inspection and consultation.

Book your free consultation at (888) 429-1213 or learn more about Versa-Tech’s Rodent Control Services at

Versa-Tech Pest Control Services include:

-Rodent Control: Free Rodent Prevention Consultations, Inspections & Estimates
-Ant Control
-Roach Control
-Bed Bugs
-Bee Control
-Fleas & Ticks
-Flies & Mosquitoes
-Green Pest Control
& More

Serving the Greater Los Angeles area since 2012, Versa-Tech offers full-service, professional pest control services.

To learn more about Versa Tech Pest Management, visit Follow Versa-Tech Pest Management on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter @VersaTechPM.

If you’re looking for a San Dimas, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, or an Orange County Pest & Rodent Control company, call Versa-Tech today at (888) 429-1213 to book your service call.

About Versa-Tech Pest Management
Versa-Tech is a full-service and multiple-service company. We're committed to Revolutionizing Pest Management beginning from the inside. Implementing a hiring and training protocol unique to the industry, Versa-Tech pest technicians go through a rigorous apprenticeship and licensing program regulated by the state, assuring our clients always get the highest trained technicians. Unlike other companies, Versa-Tech will not change your technician without your notification and a full technician review and introduction of your account. This will make sure that your technician will always have proper knowledge of your account. With Versa-Tech, you’ll always have a familiar face and a technician who fully understands your unique pest situation. Versa-Tech is committed to going above and beyond other companies to diagnose and treat any pest issue, including repairing pest damage, properly excluding pest entry, removing unsightly pest harboring and clutter, repairing pest treatment areas, and hauling and landscaping in relation to pest elimination.

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Rodent Prevention with Versa-Tech CEO Jason Baacke