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Empowerment Coach Melanie C. Klein to be Featured on Close Up Radio

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 17, 2020 / -- With a sense of embodiment, there's a sense of wholeness, balance, integration, but above all, the possibility for clarity and authentic confidence. If we can connect to our whole self––the emotional body, the energetic body, the physical body, the mental body––we can finally disconnect from our attachments to the past and the concerns for the future to be fully present, right here, right now.

Melanie C. Klein is a sought-after empowerment coach, committed to raising consciousness, communal collaboration and facilitating healing to empower thought leaders, entrepreneurs, renegades, executive leaders, or anyone ready to step into their greatness.

With over two decades of professional and personal work, Melanie integrates her backgrounds in mindfulness and embodied wisdom with her academic expertise and advocacy work. In this way, she offers a holistic and unique pathway to personal freedom and prosperity, one that is customized designed to each individual.

“Women have been socialized to see power, pleasure and prosperity as something to apologize for,” says Melanie. “This work is about unraveling those stories we've internalized to redefine them and ignite us into full action.”

Melanie empowers her clients to raise their consciousness and take action. What thoughts are we engaging? What emotions do we tend to fuel? What lights us up and give us permission to burn bigger and brighter, to do our work in the world as who we want to be?

“When we raise our consciousness, we can become agents of change,” says Melanie. “We can reimagine. We can recreate. We can do something different. It’s a transformative process.

Melanie’s work blends yoga mindfulness and meditation practices. She co-editor of the new anthology Embodied Resilience Through Yoga: 30 Mindful Essays About Finding Empowerment After Addiction, Trauma, Grief, and Loss.

“What do these practices offer us in the way of feeling more at ease with the adversity of being human, of loss and grief? How can these practices allow us to become more attuned, more adaptable, more resilient? How can we thrive?”

“These tools make things living in the world actively and consciously more sustainable,” says Melanie. “The movements have to be sustainable. The actions have to be sustainable and ongoing. There is no particular end game, just a constant evolution.”

Close Up Radio will feature Melanie C. Klein in an interview with Jim Masters on November 19th at 1pm EST

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