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Scone Medical and Connecting World Merchandise join forces to protect doctors, nurses, families to bring peace of mind

We need to protect front-line hospital workers. SCONE™ is a game changer, it is exactly what they need, it’s protection above and beyond regular PPE.”
— Pro Football Hall of Famer, Bobby Bell
PHOENIX, AZ, UNITED STATES, November 10, 2020 / -- Doctors and nurses on the front lines bravely fighting COVID-19 now have a new tool in their arsenal – a life-saving infectious disease treatment. Connecting World Merchandise, an innovative global wholesaler, and Scone Medical Solutions Inc., an innovative healthcare technology company, today announced a partnership to expand the availability of the Self-Contained Negative Pressure Environment (SCONE™). The SCONE™, co-developed with clinical support from Mayo Clinic, is the ‘next big thing’ for infectious disease treatment in hospitals and is manufactured in the United States.

“We need to protect front-line hospital workers. SCONE™ is a game changer, it is exactly what they need, it’s protection above and beyond regular PPE,” said Pro Football Hall of Famer, Bobby Bell - Connecting World Merchandise director of promotions. “The SCONE™ not only protects doctors and nurses, it can bring peace of mind by allowing patients to safely see their loved ones instead of suffering alone.”

The SCONE™ is a small capacity, disposable device that uses negative pressure to contain and vacuum out the virus-sized aerosols emitted around a patient’s upper torso, adding an extra layer of “active” barrier protection for health care workers treating potentially contagious patients. Currently, the only way to minimize spread to healthcare workers is to require the use of considerable amounts of PPE or treat infected patients inside individual negative pressure rooms, which are expensive and in limited supply. Unfortunately, neither option has proven to be sufficient during this most recent COVID-19 pandemic.

There is an urgent need for small-capacity negative pressure devices that utilize existing hospital suction lines or pumps with inline HEPA filtration to overcome the limitations of both PPE and negative pressure rooms. The SCONE™ achieves high level control of virus-sized aerosols under expected operating conditions and maintains a 99% aerosol clearance rate every 5 minutes. The SCONE™ bridges the PPE gap as a highly efficient, low cost, “active” barrier protection device that can be quickly deployed for use and quickly disposed of after treatment.

“The SCONE™ is a disposable device, manufactured right here in the United States, that uses negative pressure to remove aerosols emitted when a patient coughs or sneezes, which adds an extra layer of protection for hospital workers while treating potentially infectious patients,” said Mike Adams, CEO of SCONE Medical Solutions Inc. “The SCONE™ reduces the spread of pathogenic aerosolized particulates that cause diseases like COVID-19 by forming a negative-pressure, active, protective barrier.”

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About Scone Medical Solutions Inc.
SCONE™ Medical Solutions Inc., reduces the environmental exposure of transmissible diseases in healthcare facilities through the use of self-contained negative-pressure environments. The company uses technology developed with clinical support from Mayo Clinic to help create safe hospital environments for healthcare workers and other patients/visitors. The low cost, disposable SCONE™ device is manufactured in the United States.


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