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ACI Learning Adds Industry-Innovator ITProTV to Its Rapidly Expanding Portfolio

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ITProTV - An ACI Learning Company

ITProTV is now part of ACI Learning.

Tim Broom and Brett Shively talking to each other.

ITProTV's Tim Broom and ACI Learning's Brett Shively talk about the new relationship between these two companies.

Two organizations are joining together to expand their powerful reach in the audit, cyber and IT learning solutions space.

It is rare to find a corporate marriage where two companies complement one another so well. We share a common work culture and a shared vision for the future of Audit, Cyber & IT learning.”
— Brett Shively, CEO, ACI Learning
DENVER, COLORADO, USA, November 9, 2020 / -- ACI Learning announced today that ITProTV will join its portfolio of Audit, Cyber and IT learning solutions for enterprise and consumer markets. ACI Learning will integrate ITProTV’s people, content/IP, production capabilities, and customer contracts into its core business operations effective immediately. The ITProTV brand name will remain in the marketplace, alongside the ACI Learning parent brand which combines the power of the MIS Training Institute (MISTI) and LeaderQuest.

Together the new ACI Learning will deliver lifetime learning to over 250,000 engaged professionals and members across six continents with custom content created to be as entertaining as it is effective. ACI Learning and offer learning to professionals and the enterprises that rely upon them, with the choice of multi-modal delivery. Students can select from on-demand learning, online virtual instructor-led training, on-premise training, and live classroom learning at one of ACI’s five learning hubs across the U.S.

“Our combined expertise and capabilities enable us to better serve Enterprise, Professional, and Career Starter clients as their go-to training provider for all things technology and information management,” noted Brett Shively, CEO of ACI Learning. “We can offer our students the exact content and mode of learning they need at any stage in their career.”

ITProTV, founded in 2013, is an online community of IT learners who access nearly 6,000 hours of IT skills and training courses, and interact with each other and subject matter experts to better themselves, their organizations and their careers. ITProTV Co-founder, Tim Broom, notes “We created ITProTV because it is the IT training we wanted to have ourselves - engaging, conversational, affordable and convenient.” The company is based in Gainesville, Florida, employs over 60 professionals, operates 8 studios, and was ranked #18 in the mid-sized category of the Best Companies to Work For in Florida in 2019.

“We could not be more thrilled to welcome the ITProTV team into the ACI Learning family,” said Shively. “It is rare to find a corporate marriage where two companies complement one another so well. We share a common work culture and a shared vision for the future of Audit, Cyber, & IT learning. Both companies live by a can-do optimism that what we offer can impact the outcome of people’s careers… and their lives.”

Chong Moua, Managing Partner at Philadelphia-based Private Equity Firm Boathouse Capital, added, “Over the past 12 months ACI management has continued to execute by driving extraordinary organic growth during these unprecedented headwinds, while successfully integrating MISTI and LeaderQuest into ACI Learning. The combination of our content knowledge, our multi-modal learning, and expanded production capabilities will enable us to maintain a unique advantage in the market. Coupled with ITProTV, ACI Learning will expand its scale and reach, as we continue to make acquisitions to this highly-attractive learning brand.”

“It’s the enterprise potential from this synergy that excites us,” noted Broom. “ACI Learning has many flagship logos in its client roster, ranging from the U.S. Federal Banking Deposit insurance, the country’s largest port authority and the world’s most profitable company. Combined with ITProTV’s enterprise client portfolio, which includes names in higher education, government, and business, we’ll be able to solve Enterprise training challenges for more companies and help reduce the IT & Cybersecurity skills gap.”

“In the end, the magic of this union is the innovative learning modes and content we’ll be able to deliver… faster than most of our competitors,” said Shively. “The days of cookie-cutter, look-alike IT learning need to end… and we’ll be sure of that. We’ll be adding several hours of new training content to ACI’s learning portal each and every day. Few in our space can do more to ensure that students stay ahead of the rapidly changing nature of IT and cybersecurity.”

Boathouse completed the purchase of ITProTV on October 31, 2020 and integrated its operations with ACI Learning immediately. The combined company now employs over 175 staff in eight locations across the U.S. and the U.K.

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Brett Shively, CEO of ACI Learning, welcomes Tim Broom and ITProTV to the ACI Learning family.