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Three Entities Have Joined Forces to Help Organizations Value and Deploy Equity, and Inclusion that leads to Diversity

Gary Richardson

Deke Copenhaver

Deb Cake Fortin & John Gregory Vincent

One size fits all fits nobody. This is why we have banded together to bring our collective expertise to bear on the challenges facing ALL organizations.

ALL of us are better than ONE of us so together we can solve ANYTHING”
— Deke, Deb, Gary & John
ATLANTA, GA, US, October 16, 2020 / -- We have completed building out the crew! Now being joined by R. Diversity WorkX, The Submarine Way and Copenhaver Consulting are excited to announce we have launched and we are here to drive lasting meaningful results in areas such as collaboration, community policing, innovation, EEO mediation and compliance, crisis communication, talent development, and municipal economic growth. Our collective expertise can help cities drive economic development, police departments drive truly effective community policing, and organizations to transform to ones that embrace equity and inclusion as the engine it is to drive diversity and many other key performance outcomes.

These three organizations are passionate about leadership in communities small and mid-sized organizations from all industries and police departments. Copenhaver Consulting's, Deke Copenhaver, launched his new leadership effort first through his best selling book, The Changemaker. Deke’s organization focuses on economic development in communities. Deke spearheaded unprecedented growth in his nine years as mayor in Augusta, Ga. He also specializes in helping communities with media, strategic planning, and crisis management communication in municipalities. Deke drove next level innovation and crisis management solutions during his time as mayor and can help your organization, too.

CEO and Founder of R. Diversity WorkX, Gary Richardson brings more than 20 years of expertise in EEO matters, diversity training, and implementation to the mix. Gary is a retired New York State Trooper and Major in the Air National Guard. Having served as the New York State Troopers EEO Compliance Officer as well as Program Manager of the Senior Leadership Development Branch at the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute he brings practical and relevant expertise to his work. Gary's unique and powerful view of diversity implementation is highlighted in his book, Beyond Demographics the Truth about Diversity. Recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for his work in diversity, Gary brings a passion and expertise to the partnership we are all excited by.

The Submarine Way, led by Deborah Cake Fortin and John Gregory Vincent, is passionate about inclusive leadership and bring this unique patent published system to communities to improve culture internally and externally. They solve conflict management issues, poor communication, collaboration challenges and they drive deeper teaming and interdependence, what they call, crew-munity. Police connect better to their communities through this innovative approach, and city leadership is more inclusive and more focused on their citizens. The Submarine Way program is based on their best selling book, Diversity and Inclusion, The Submarine Way. These two organizations, coupled with their powerful programs and books, will be driving better community leadership everywhere.

This partnership has been created to effectively address, holistically, the issues small to mid-sized cities, organizations, and police departments must solve to thrive in today's world.

-Economic Development
-True Diversity Training
-Community Policing
-Leadership Development
-Equity and Inclusion Culture Transformation
-Crisis Management Consulting
-EEO compliance and resolution
-Personal and Peer Accountability
-Talent based development
-Teaming and Collaboration
-Consistency in personal and peer accountability

These are some of the areas we improve and maximize for our clients. We have been doing it for decades individually and now we bring our collective expertise to solve and transform your organization. Reach out today to learn more.

Deborah Cake Fortin
The Submarine Way
+1 843-617-9191
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