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What is Human Trafficking – Answers, Awareness and Prevention

A two-hour television special about Human Trafficking providing answers, raising the awareness and prevention solutions.

A Two-Hour Television Special about Human Trafficking

Helping you become a better you through a connection to nature, source and community the LWN Live with Nature Foundation is a resource for positive transformational change.

A Resource for Positive Transformational Change

The LWN Live with Nature Foundation Inc., has joined forces with Rise of the Butterfly and She Speaks Solutions to help end Human Trafficking.

Having to tell our children to “beware of strangers”, and not trust anybody is disheartening, but necessary.”
— Stephen R. Smith
SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 14, 2020 / -- The LWN Live with Nature Foundation Inc., a Florida non-profit dedicated to helping individuals achieve positive transformational change has joined forces with Rise of the Butterfly and She Speaks Solutions to help end Human Trafficking.

Human Trafficking is modern day slavery. Together, we can help put an end to this tragic crime taking place against humanity, here in America and across the globe. That team spirit is why The LWN Live with Nature Foundation has teamed up with two other non-profit organizations, Rise of the Butterfly and She Speaks Solutions to do their part and educate our communities about the dangers associated with Human Trafficking. The LWN Foundation has gathered a panel of experts for a two-hour, live-streaming television event that will air on e360tv on your Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple and Android TV. It will also be streaming to Facebook and YouTube as well.

Having to tell our children to “beware of strangers”, and not trust anybody is disheartening, but necessary. In the current time of financial distress due to covid-19 and the pandemic, opportunists, family members, even relatives can become so desperate that they will sell children off into a life of pain, abuse and misery. It’s not the money behind Human Trafficking that’s evil, it’s the person who facilitates this crime and we want them in prison. Armed with prevention solutions, a keen awareness of the problem and the advice of a powerful panel of Doctors, Law Enforcement, Advocates, Influencers and a Survivor, we have some answers. Please join us. You don’t want to miss this broadcast.

We must be vigilant, Predators are everywhere. They can surface in the strangest of ways and they use kindness to get to what they want, and that is your children. These traffickers stakeout public parking lots, schools, churches, parks and even scan your Facebook or Twitter posts to find potential victims. This is a matter of life and death, literally. Most kidnapping victims are unable to escape and when they are no longer a good revenue source, they are disposed of and many meet the end of their life. Often, missing children are never seen or heard from again. Through deceptive practices many of these victims are whisked off to foreign countries and gone forever. The result is a life of slavery, violence and drugs. This road is a dead-end street. Let’s stop this now.
On Sunday, October 18th at 7:00pm Eastern Standard Time, please watch “What is Human Trafficking – Answers, Awareness and Prevention” to learn how you can help us put a stop to Human Trafficking. Your host, Stephen R. Smith, is the Founder and President of the LWN Live with Nature Foundation Inc. Stephen’s also the founder and CEO of New Life Referral Center. Stephen R. Smith is a Transformational Change and Empowerment Speaker, International best-selling Author, TV Host, Nature Advocate and Humanitarian.

Stephen is proud to introduce his panel of experts including Layla Love, Co-Founder of Rise of the Butterfly. Layla is an Artist, Advocate and Entrepreneur. LiTeena Parks, the founder of She Speaks Solutions, a Community Advocate for the disadvantaged and poorest populations. Dr. Jenny Wilkens, NMD, CRA, AMC and CEO of AgeVital Pharmacy, Research and Wellness Center has a mission to help the community through an alternative, holistic medical approach. Dr. Jenny was voted the “Top Naturopath of 2019” and “2020 Top Expert” in her field of medicine according to the International Association of Top Professionals. Dr. Sofie Nubani, a Creatrix Interpersonal Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Motivational Coach, Speaker and Author who loves helping people reach their highest potential and recently released her best-selling book “Optimize Your Creative Mindset. Dr. Bob Choat Ph.D., The Transformational Grandmaster and America’s #1 Mind-Body Transformation Expert is a retired Veteran and LAPD officer. Jason Sisneros, an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Philanthropist, Influencer and Thought Leader has used his success and influence to feed millions around the world, fight for abused women, and rescue underaged sex slaves. Our special guest Jody Paar is a certified Life Coach, Keynote speaker, best-selling Author, and Podcaster who speaks healing into the lives of men and women held captive by fear. Through her own incredible story of trauma, abuse, and human trafficking, she proves it is possible to survive AND thrive. Jody is an Advocate to end Human Trafficking and help save lives through awareness that she shares.

This broadcast will launch a 2-month fundraising event that will culminate in December of this year. You have an opportunity to support this worthy cause in a few different ways. You can donate directly to The LWN Live with Nature Foundation on their website and they will donate twenty-five percent of your donation directly to Rise of the Butterfly. Be sure to enter “Rise” in the notes when you do this. Layla Love and Rise of the Butterfly will use these funds to assist survivors of Human Trafficking. Another way to show your support is to go directly to Rise of the Butterfly and purchase Layla’s artwork or choose something from her new, sustainable clothing line. You’ll receive 10% off your order when you enter the promo code “LWN10”.

Stephen plans to interview each of the panelists individually on his weekly Town Hall Get to Know broadcast on Monday and Friday’s at 7:00pm EST following this enlightening and educational event. Remember, you can download the e360tv app to your smart tv and watch all his shows on your Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple or Android TV. We need your help to put a stop to Human Trafficking. Tell your friends and get ready to make a positive impact in your community. Together, we will protect our communities from this insidious tragedy taking place. It’s our responsibility.

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