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Shemane Nugent, Healthy Lifestyle Expert Shares Wisdom on Town Hall Get to Know Show.

Photograph of Shemane Nugent standing in a field of flowers. She is a Healthy Lifestyle Expert.

Shemane Nugent - Healthy Lifestyle Expert

Photograph of Shemane Nugent who is appearing as a Special Guest on the Town Hall Get to Know Show

Special Guest Shemane Nugent appears on the Town Hall Get to Know Show

Get to Know Shemane Nugent to learn from her 40 years’ experience in the physical fitness industry on the Town Hall Get to Know Show. February 8th at 7pm EDT

You were not created to just be alive; you were created to thrive!”
— Joel Osteen
SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 4, 2021 / -- Shemane Nugent, Healthy Lifestyle Expert Shares Wisdom on the Town Hall Get to Know Show.

"You were not created to just be alive; you were created to thrive!" -Joel Osteen

On Monday, February 8th, 2021 you can Get to Know Shemane Nugent and learn from her 40 years’ experience in the physical fitness industry on the Town Hall Get to Know Show. You can download the e360tv app and WATCH on ROKU, AMAZON FIRE, APPLE and ANDROID TV.

The LWN Live with Nature Foundation is proud to announce that Shemane Nugent is their Special Guest on the Town Hall Get to Know broadcast this coming Monday. This show, created by LWN Media Productions, is an outreach project which features stories of Top Influencers from around the world who are making a positive impact in society. The LWN Live with Nature Foundation Inc. (LWN Foundation), is a registered Florida nonprofit organization who has filed for tax-exempt status with the IRS.

As a platform for positive transformational change, the LWN Foundation assists the homeless population, including people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, and those who suffer with mental health issues to achieve a higher quality of life. Through empowerment of oneself and by practicing healthy routines a person can achieve peace of mind, good health, and happiness. Recently, the LWN Foundation started “A New Life Referral Center” which is a liaison to services for those individuals mentioned above. Located in Sarasota, Florida they offer a hand up to those who desire a higher quality of life and refer them to organizations that can help achieve this goal. Their network has professionals located across the country who are ready to help those in need.

Shemane was raised in Jackson County, Missouri together with her siblings. After finishing her high school education, she went to Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Radio/TV and film. Then, she went on to get a Master of Arts degree in Metaphysics from the University of Sedona, Arizona.

Shemane is a Best-selling Author, Thought Leader, Healthy Lifestyle Expert, Fitness Instructor, Television Producer and Host. She is also the wife to musician, Ted Nugent. On this episode of the Town Hall Get to Know show, you can learn from Shemane’s 40+ years’ experience as a fitness instructor. She teaches people how to become a better, stronger, and healthier person. Before she worked with Zumba® creator Beto Perez to develop Zumba® in the Circuit, Shemane traveled worldwide as an International Zumba® Fitness Presenter. However, she got extremely sick and almost died from a deadly toxic mold that was discovered between the walls in the home she shared with her Rock and Roll legend husband, Ted Nugent and their son Rocco. There were 4 different types of mold in her bloodstream and Shemane was diagnosed with pre-emphysema.

Shemane had her fair share of challenges in life. Pre-emphysema is a lung condition that starves the bloodstream of oxygen, but that did not stop her. Shemane is a Survivor. Describing herself as a fitness freak, she became a certified fitness instructor. She teaches Yoga techniques, Kickboxing, Body pumps, Spinning, and utilizes a Holistic approach to Health and Wellness. Shemane expanded her horizon by becoming a best-selling Author. She has published four books titled: “Kill It & Grill It”, “Married to A Rock Star”, “4 Minutes A Day - Rock n Roll Your Way To Happiness”, and "4 Minutes to Happy: Be Happier, Healthier, and Live the Life of Your Dreams".

Shemane Nugent dedicated her life to healing her family with natural, alternative remedies and with her online programs, podcasts, books and social media, she shares her knowledge and wisdom gained from having a life-threatening illness. Blessed by the grace of God she was able to recover. Generally, a happy person, there were difficult times that rocked her world. Shemane will share the tools and techniques she uses to work through the occasional sadness and transform her life. Knowing what it is like to be unhappy and unhealthy, it is her greatest desire to help people overcome trials and tribulations and to help you become the best version of YOU possible.

This broadcast will be streaming on Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple and Android TV. Remember to download the e360tv app to watch on your smart TV. You can also watch on Facebook and catch the replay on the LWN Foundation website or under the “Positive Vibrations” category.

You can help the LWN Foundation to help others. Together, they make the world a better place to live by inspiring others to become the best person they can be. Please donate and be part of the solution. They need your support for programs like the Town Hall Get to Know Show that inspire and motivate individuals. Their goal is to make a huge impact in society through positive transformational change. You’ll be helping individuals to have the opportunity to implement healthy habits as well as get to services that can improve their well being through A New Life Referral Center Network of providers.

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