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Relax In Comfort launches Lifetime Mattress Satisfaction Guarantee & Disrupts The Mattress Industry!

Access CEO's Worlds’ Best Adjustable Bed 2019 Award

Access CEO's Worlds’ Best Adjustable Bed 2019 Award

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The Lifetime Mattress Guarantee is now available form Relax In Comfort on all mattress models by Wellsville and Posh and Lavish.

WINTER PARK, FL, UNITED STATES, October 8, 2020 / -- The mattress industry is replete with charlatans and Wall Street types trying to “disrupt” the traditional mattress industry. Make no mistake the traditional mattress buying process is intrinsically flawed and outdated and was begging for a re set. Much like the traditional taxicab market was begging for a better way to share a ride- marked by the birth of the now ubiquitous Uber and Lyft ride share companies.

The traditional mattress buying process is like running the gauntlet of the unknown blindfolded. Each traditional mattress has just ONE firmness and BOTH sleepers MUST decide on which one to buy usually within 15 minutes (or less visit(s) to no more than 3 stores (or now websites) These days it seems everyone has a “comfort return policy” which provides 30 or 60 or even up to 120 days to return your mattress if you are not comfortable. Truth be told virtually any mattress (even a poorly made one) will feel good for the first few months and will likely only become uncomfortable well after the brief return option has expired.

The other quagmire in the never-ending mattress gauntlet is trying to stuff the “bed in a box” back into the original box (assuming you did not discard it already) to return for credit. Only then do most realize they do not own, or have access to a 10,000lb commercial press machine to compress the mattress back into its original size & shape. This is generally the first but not the only issue customers are left to deal with.

Relax In Comfort has launched its official “Lifetime Mattress Guarantee” which offers a replacement mattress, for Wellsville and Posh and Lavish mattress brands anytime during the ownership period of the original buyer, for another mattress PLUS they get to keep the original mattress to donate to their local charity or use in a guest bedroom. (Your guest room is a great place for a sub-par mattress)
Program rules are very straight forward and essentially awards a one-time 50% credit of their mattress purchase price towards another model. There is a requirement for an initial mandatory 45 day trial period of the original mattress as it often takes time for a consumer to adjust to a new and better level of comfort. The complete program details are available at

Don DePaulis, President & CEO stated “We offer the very best in cool gel memory foam, organic latex and number beds. Now we are excited to provide this additional peace of mind for our customers, not just for a few months, but for a lifetime of comfort”. Both Posh and Lavish and Wellsville offer Flex Head mattress designs which allow couples to cuddle while maintain sperate elevations for both their head and foot positions. According to DePaulis, having a Flex Head design was paramount for the inclusion into this program as 98% of couples who purchased power beds from Relax in Comfort buy them as a Flex Head design vs. Two Twin XL mattresses pushed together to form a King size.

The Lifetime Mattress Guarantee is now available for all mattress models by Wellsville and Posh and Lavish. DePaulis quipped “We are delighted to be the first to offer a program that offers a lifetime option of comfort, while allowing the customer to retain their original mattress, while upgrading to another model of their choice”

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