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Purplepass Ticketing launches social distancing and live streaming solutions for their event planners

The solution to events in a COVID world. Auto distancing properly spaces out your guests in accordance to CDC's guidelines. Plus live streaming support!

Both tools have unique capabilities, while created with a similar purpose in give our users the ability to keep their events alive during this pandemic.”
— Savannah McIntosh, Purplepass Marketing Director

SAN DIEGO , CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO , September 28, 2020 / -- In response to COVID-19 and its detrimental effects on the event industry, Purplepass has created robust digital ticketing solutions in an effort to support event planners during the pandemic and future use. Promoters can use these new features and incorporate their advanced technology to ensure they are following all regulations being put in place by the CDC during COVID-19.

For event planners hosting virtual events and live streams, they will have the ability to create and sell “Live Stream” ticket types. Similar to regular tickets, they can sell tickets to their virtual event(s).

For live streaming, Purplepass' new widget can be embedded directly on any website, allowing guests to tune with no redirects or third-parties involved. Create the ultimate user-friendly experience without the extra accounts, passwords and unnecessary coding.

Other benefits this feature includes:

1. Compatible with any live-streaming service

2. Stream directly from the event website

3. A simple creation process

4. Extra security with order numbers or email required at sign-in

5. Support for multiple active streams

You can learn more about the release of Purplepass' live streaming feature for event planners, here.

For event planners planning or hosting in-person events, users can properly adhere to social distancing regulations by using Purplepass' Auto Social Distancing (ASD) tool.

Use the ASD tool for all assigned seating events. Purplepass will build out any venue map needed for free as part of the services provided for being a customer. ASD is the latest solution for defining and maintaining social distancing space at events. How it works is the tool will automatically apply a space around seats and groups (the promoter sets this value). As customers purchase tickets, the software will start putting seats on hold around different parties based on the values set. For guests purchasing seats together, the system will still distance them out properly.

The spacing value is applied 360 degrees; this includes seats in the front and back rows. As time progresses and we increase capacity allowance, users can reduce the size of the spacing to fill up more of the venue. This allows adjusted distancing based on current world status.

Read more about the Auto Social Distancing tool and how it works in greater depth.

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