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Beans Route Partners with Fleet Response to Provide Safety Training for FedEx ISP Drivers

Keep track of your drivers' safety training status right inside Beans Route

ISPs can now enroll drivers in ongoing training directly in Beans Route

It’s only natural for us to partner with the best-of-breed safety solution and make it easier for our customers to stay compliant”
— Nitin Gupta, Beans Route CEO
PALO ALTO, UNITED STATES, September 30, 2020 / -- Beans Route, a FedEx approved routing and dispatching toolkit, recently formed a strategic alliance with Fleet Response, a comprehensive fleet services company. The partnership allows ISPs to sign drivers up for safety training straight within their Beans Route account.

As required by FedEx Ground standards, all FedEx drivers must be enrolled in ongoing safety training. ISPs who fail to keep drivers up-to-date on training become liable up to $10,000 per at-fault accident and also risk losing their contract. But with the convenient new partnership between Beans Route and Fleet Response, ISPs can quickly spot which drivers are failing or passing their safety training in Beans Route.

“It’s easy now for ISPs to identify which drivers require training,” said Jerry Veres, Fleet Response’s director of safety. “The pass or fail grade of a driver appears directly on the ISP’s Beans Route account.”

The integration of Fleet Response’s training status in Beans Route condenses the amount programs ISPs need to use in order to effectively stay compliant with the FedEx Ground contracting standards. When contractors find a driver with a “failing” mark on their Drivers & Dispatchers list, they are able to take swift action to get the employee up to speed, thereby avoiding potential penalties and negative repercussions.

According to Fleet Response, 80% of the accidents happen when drivers are trying to back up their trucks. Beans Route’s accurate locations reduce the need for backing up the trucks significantly as drivers are taken to the closest parking location to a unit number.

“At Beans Route, we are focused on making deliveries easier for drivers and are trying to remove all unknowns from their route,” said Nitin Gupta, Beans Route's CEO. “It’s only natural for us to partner with the best-of-breed safety solution for FedEx Ground ISPs and make it easier for our customers to stay compliant.”

About Beans Route

Beans Route is a leading route planning and dispatching toolkit for FedEx Ground ISPs. Unlike other routing programs, Beans Route is the only application that directs drivers the last 500ft of a delivery. On apartment-heavy routes, this precise data saves drivers over 20% on delivery time. Beans Route gives drivers the freedom to optimize routes to their liking with a lasso tool and makes it easy to drop custom pins so drivers can mark locations of entrances, package lockers, and other time-saving POIs. For more information or to schedule a demo, visit

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