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Where there’s Expedia and Travelocity, New Start-up Flynance Air is Keen to take over Group Travel

ROXBURY, NJ, USA, September 23, 2020 / -- Although the travel industry seemed to temporarily jolt to a halt in 2020, that hasn’t stopped one startup from accelerating his travel finance startup.

“My goal is to make travel more affordable for everyone, especially college students,” 22 year old founder Spenser Sembrat said. “As someone who deeply loves travel and prioritizes it as my number one hobby, it pains me when I hear friends say it’s too expensive - particularly the airfare.”

Spenser’s company, Flynance Air, allows anyone to book their airline tickets for a 25% down payment and make 3 smaller payments before departure. Users can finance flights from any major airline website, including Expedia and Travelocity, without running a credit check or growing interest, allowing customers to save up to 15%.

“I want it to be as straightforward as possible,” Spenser told us. “If your flight is $1,000, you can book it in your name for $250. You don’t need to pull all your savings just to book a flight, especially when you’re just working part time or during the summer. You can make smaller payments over the span of a couple months.”

Financing travel isn’t a new idea - There are hundreds of credits cards you can load flight charges onto. The difference is you’ll be paying up to 25% - 45% APR on your plane ticket, making the ticket significantly more expensive.

Not only does Flynance only charge a 1 time courtesy fee, the courtesy fee is significantly lower than any of the credit cards APRs. Spenser said, “We’re able to charge our customers significantly less because we automate about 95% of the process. Travelers can book their flight and make their payments via our site almost entirely autonomously. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes - just like any other booking website or airline.”

Over the past couple months while traveling has been at a standstill, the Flynance team has been adding new features and revamping the website - specifically with an industry first service called Flynance Groups.

Groups is specifically designed for group travel such as school trips, church missions trips and sports teams. It combines the hassle of group travel like organizing payments, itineraries and flight times to 1, easy to understand dashboard. Travelers who have been invited to a trip can make their flight payments and see a universal itinerary all in one place. And every traveler has the option to pay for their flight with the Flynance Payment Plan.

“In the past when I’ve traveled with bigger groups,” Spenser told us, “It was always a struggle to get everyone on the same page with the plan for the trip, flight times, meeting locations, hotel details and a lot more.” Flynance Groups combines it all into one easy to use and understand dashboard. Flynance has also been partnering with some of the major transportation companies to get groups to and from the airport as well as their destinations once they land.

As travel begins to open back up as well as other countries from the COVID-19 pandemic, many students and travelers alike will turn to Flynance Air for an easier, more adorable way to pay for their airline tickets and begin to explore the world once again.

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