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Ginsburg Replacement Huge Backlash, Hogan No Hero Blocking Mail Ballots; Opeds, Media by Ex-WH Spokesmn Bob Weiner Team

Robert Weiner

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, September 22, 2020 / -- Following the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, former White House and Congress spokesman Robert Weiner appeared live on Britain's #1 Radio news, LBC (Leading Britain's Conversation), on September 19, to discuss the impact her death will have.

WEINER PREDICTED THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP AND REPUBLICAN SENATORS WILL FACE "A HUGE BACKLASH" that could result in a "wave election" AND COULD BE "PRESSURED" TO DELAY A VOTE ON A REPLACEMENT until after the election or even to when the new President is inaugurated. Weiner also discussed conversations he'd had with Justice Ginsburg.

Link to LBC's press release following the interview:

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Weiner also just published an op-ed with senior policy analyst Wesam Farah for OpEdNews (ranked H2, nation’s #2 op-ed) about how Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, the National Governors' Association Chair, was wrong to not automatically send Maryland residents ballots in the mail, and instead of setting a positive precedent for democracy, was acting on Trump's behalf. The article is titled, "Hogan No Hero on Voting":
Weiner and his team have written several other recent op-eds about Covid 19 and other subjects and participated in a variety of media appearances.


Weiner and RWA/Solutions for Change Bluestein Family Foundation Senior Policy analyst, Ben Lasky wrote an op-ed in the influential Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (ranked H2, nation’s #2 op-ed) on August 13 about how the DNC platform still matters, but Joe Biden must go to Wisconsin frequently during the campaign in order to make up for scrapping the convention in Milwaukee. The article had impact.

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On August 28, Weiner and Farah wrote another piece for OpEdNews on what Congress must do if Democrats they do win the White House, Senate and House in November in order to prevent future DOJ and White house abuse that we’ve seen from the Trump administration concerning Flynn, Stone, watchdogs, and whistle blowers.

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On July 29, Weiner and policy analyst Kyra Watts wrote an article for OpEdNews (***RANKED H1, NATION'S #1 OP-ED) asking whether “Generation Z” will show up to the polls or have they lost faith because of inaction on police brutality, climate change, healthcare, gun control and women’s rights?

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Weiner and Farah wrote an article on July 16 for the Chicago Daily Herald (ranked H3, nation’s #3 op-ed) about how there is a greater need for drug treatment during the pandemic, as overdoses have increased since the Coronavirus started.

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On June 30, Weiner and Lasky wrote a piece for OpEdNews (ranked H3, nation’s #3 op-ed) on why the Democrats’ chances of taking the Senate in November could hinge on Joe Biden leaving his house in Delaware.

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Weiner and senior policy analyst Zach Filtz wrote an op-ed for OpEdNews on June 26 about how Las Vegas can become a model for fighting human trafficking, which has been made worse by Covid-19, but currently hotels there and nationwide allow it with a "wink and nod."

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Weiner and Lasky wrote an article for OpEdNews on May 6 about how China must prove that the Coronavirus did not start in the Wuhan test lab.

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Weiner and Filtz wrote a piece for the Pulse Institute on April 2, in which they argue the ridiculousness of corporations got $500 billion in Coronavirus aid while SNAP got crumbs.

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On March 17, Weiner and Farah wrote an op-ed for OpEdNews (ranked H2, nation’s #2 op-ed) about the Coronavirus “big pharma money scam."

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Other Media:

September 18, 2020: Robert Weiner interviewed live on London Times Live radio concerning US politics, US-UK trade, and the future of US-UK relations

Link to interview:

August 14, 2020: Robert Weiner interviewed on WTMJ, Milwaukee WI #1 news, by Gene Mueller, on Bob and Ben's oped, "Platform Good, But Biden Must Go to Wisconsin":

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The Alan Nathan Show -- Main Street Radio Network, 200 stations nationwide
"The Alan Nathan Show" Bob regular participant with colorful host Alan Nathan:

Date: September 15, 2020 scroll to 33:04 (2 segments)

Date: September 9, 2020 scroll to 31:37

Date: September 1, 2020 scroll to 29:45

Date: August 26, 2020 scroll to 31:55

Date: August 18, 2020 scroll to 48:12

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