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WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, March 13, 2020 / -- Former White House and Congress spokesman Robert Weiner and his team have written new op-eds over the last month that John Bolton should testify to the House, VA Secretary Wilkie believes volume buying could work for the nation, scientists want data not politics and Social Security under attack.

Weiner and Policy Analyst Wesam Farah wrote an op-ed released this week in The Baltimore Sun that says that John Bolton should testify before Congress.

Weiner and Farah begin, "John Bolton might know the truth, but he’ll have to answer for his silence to Congress."

They continue, "One would think that given Mr. Bolton’s humble upbringing as a Baltimore native from a
working class neighborhood, he’d feel empathy for those who oppose a president hostile to
his own city. As a teenager, Mr. Bolton received a merit scholarship to the prestigious
McDonogh School, a Baltimore County institution famous for its academic rigor and
emphasis on integrity. The school’s honor code reads as follows 'I will not lie, cheat, or steal. I will respect the rights and well-being of myself and others.'”

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Weiner and Farah also wrote a piece for The Hill on Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie saying that volume drug buying would work as a model for the United States.

Weiner and Farah begin, "It is no secret that prescription drug prices are a hot-button issue — and understandably so. When Donald Trump announced his desire to lower prescription drug prices at the this year’s State of the Union, House Democrats chanted 'H.R.3,' in reference to House Bill 3, which aims to fulfill the president and the late Elijah Cummings' stated ambition at reducing drug prices. And yet the bill has sat in Mitch McConnell's legislative graveyard in the Senate since its passing through the House."

They continue, "And then, one day after the SOTU, Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert Wilkie delivered a gut punch to the pharmaceutical industry."

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Weiner wrote a piece with Senior Policy Analyst Zachary Filtz in OpEdNews on how 10,000 scientists who attended a convention in Seattle want data, not politics, to drive policy.

Weiner and Filtz begin, "During Valentine's Day weekend, February 13-16, ten thousand scientists are
gathering in Seattle for the American Association for the Advancement of Science's annual meeting. The Trump Administration's policy of blocking data across the board including climate change unless it suits a theme is anathema to most. Sessions include the nation's experts who study and will provide updates on automation, artificial intelligence, space, brain science, cancer, climate, neurology of infants, breast cancer genes. The scientists want 'just the facts, Ma'am' to quote Dragnet's Jack Webb, not politically driven forced fiction. Information technology giant and Microsoft founder Bill Gates is a keynote speakers for the conference. With high powered topics that impact the future, the conference's theme for this year is Envisioning Tomorrow's Earth."

They continue, "Science needs data. The Australian Academy of Science found that among more than 500 professional astronomers, fully a quarter of their research effort was "computational." No one wins by treating science, technology and engineering skills as only used by second-class citizens, according to "The
Conversation," an academic studies website. Big subjects like bioinformatics, computational linguistics and particle physics require computation. In this weekend's AAAS conference, be ready for a session on "Space Domain Prediction and Awareness" by Moriba Ja. University of Texas at Austin director for Computational Astronautical Sciences. Also participating is Dr. Patricia Berg of George Washington University, recently named a Fellow of AAAS. who at last year's annual meeting gave a talk on a new gene activated in 80% of women with breast cancer and 70% of men with prostate cancer."

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Latly, Weiner and Filtz wrote an article for OpEdNews about Social Security being under attack again.

Weiner and Filtz begin, "President Donald Trump has let the cat out of the bag: He announced his openness to a cut in social safety net benefits, including Social Security, at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland last month When then-White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked at his first press briefing in January 2017 if Trump would cut Social Security, Spicer replied, 'He's been very clear what his priority is in terms of preserving and protecting this really important benefit to our seniors.'"

They continue, "The President's latest actions, in addition to his words, are troubling. His White House released a federal budget with $71 billion in cuts to Social Security, and according to Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer on March 4 (D-NY), changes to Disability which could make it harder for current and future recipients of SSD to continue receiving it. His words in Davos when asked if "entitlements will ever be on your plate," the President responded: "At some point, they will be."

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Weiner mentioned that anyone who wants to help the op-ed writing program, which won the 2016 National Press Club President’s Award for recruiting young journalists to co-write op-eds in major media, can do so on credit cards (via PayPal or CrowdRise) by clicking this link:

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