DejaOffice Disrupts Cloud CRM with Affordable On-Premise Multi-User PC Software

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DejaOffice PC CRM Features

DejaOffice PC CRM

DejaOffice PC CRM

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CompanionLink introduces fast and easy PC based CRM with sync to well rated Android and iPhone CRM Apps.

PORTLAND, OR, USA, September 14, 2020 / -- CompanionLink Software disrupts the CRM marketplace with an easy and affordable On-Premise CRM package called DejaOffice. Priced at just $50 per user – one time charge, DejaOffice has features than SaaS CRM Apps. First it is actually easy to use. Something that a new user can pick up and use right from the first day, and get useful results. Second is full featured Mobile Apps. While most SaaS apps show a web view on a phone, DejaOffice has actual Apps with local databases. That means that DejaOffice on Android and iPhone ca synchronize to onboard Contacts, show powerful Widgets, auto-dial your cell phone from your PC, and store incoming SMS text as Contact History. Billion dollar CRM corporations can only dream of those powerful features for the field sales force.

“They key to CRM adoption is the speed at which a sales person can handle customer calls,” says Wayland Bruns, CEO at CompanionLink. “The faster your CRM is, the better the call notes will be. DejaOffice optimizes this interaction by integrating Cell Phone dialing with a lightning fast Windows App, People in the office can easily schedule field technicians, new customers can be transmitted to phones, and consolidated reports can summarize the day’s activities. DejaOffice adds Outlook Email to the CRM flow to give agility to the entire organization without the need for everyone to have an expensive Microsoft Office license.

DejaOffice uses local data on premise, and also uses local data on Android and iPhone. This makes it the only CRM tool that does not need an active internet connection for use. Small businesses in rural areas, and also in large cities where internet is spotty, find it effective to use their CRM even when not connected. DejaOffice does not share your valuable customer information with advertising giants like Google and Facebook.

DejaOffice PC CRM Pro sells as a 5-user license for $199. 95 as a one-time price; which is $40 per user. Each user can have a unique login and can password their login. Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes can be assigned to a co-worker or unassigned and visible to everyone. Any user can see their own Calendar, or can view all Calendars. When a Contact or Event is private, only the logged in user will see it. It is still synchronized to their Phone but not to anyone else’s device.

DejaOffice is sold with an optional RunStart setup with data transfer for $49, or Premium Support for $129. Both services allow a tech to log in your computer and set things up exactly as you need. It is very common for CompanionLink technicians to set your office up by importing from discontinued products like Business Contact Manager. DejaOffice PC CRM is easy to install and very fast. A typical migration of 5000 contacts and five-user calendar can be done in less than an hour.

About DejaOffice
DejaOffice is created by CompanionLink® Software, Inc. a pioneering developer of data sync solutions for mobile phones. CompanionLink has released DejaOffice® CRM for Android™, iPhone®, iPad®, and Windows®. CompanionLink also white-labels their software, supporting branded PC and Mobile Apps that synchronize Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks from Outlook to Web. Founded in 1987 CompanionLink has helped mobilize information across devices, computers, applications, and web-based services. For more information, please visit and
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DejaOffice Disrupts Cloud CRM with Affordable On-Premise Multi-User PC Software