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Beans Route’s New Scanning Feature Creates Further Efficiency for ISPs and Drivers

Using the Beans Route app, drivers can quickly scan packages with their mobile device

With the ground-breaking feature, drivers can now scan packages to easily add stops to their route.

With this new scanning feature we are able to create rescue routes and scan mis-loads saving an hour a day”
— Vikram Sekhon, ISP Owner
PALO ALTO, UNITED STATES, September 14, 2020 / -- One Hundred Feet is excited to announce its iconic app, Beans Route, now includes a scanning feature to help create further efficiency for ISPs and drivers across the globe.

Beans Route is a routing app specifically designed for FedEx AOs, BCs, and drivers. Unlike other routing apps, Beans Route was built from the ground up with the help of ISPs and hundreds of FedEx drivers. The direct influence of FedEx associates allowed One Hundred Feet to understand the unique needs of the delivery giant. In turn, this understanding led One Hundred Feet to do what’s never been done before: create ground-breaking data to detail the last one hundred feet of a delivery.

Using sequential waypoints, Beans Route fills in the gap between the “you’ve arrived” notification on GPS and the actual front door of a drop off or pick-up location. The app also highlights locations of parking lots, entrances, package lockers, and other important POIs within apartment complexes.

On September 9, 2020, One Hundred Feet released a brand-new feature for Beans Route – scanning. Drivers can now scan packages straight from their mobile device in the app. Once a package is scanned, it is automatically added to and optimized with the driver’s current route.

Beans Route’s dynamic scanning feature significantly cuts down time and stress for drivers who are handling the following situations:
• Rescue Routes. Quickly scan packages from overloaded or broken-down trucks to seamlessly update routes and manifests.
• Unscanned Packages. Unscanned packages no longer require manual entry and are optimized to a driver’s route in a matter of seconds.
• FedEx System Crash. Scanning allows drivers to recreate their optimized route and get back on track in the event the FedEx system goes down.

Powerful and game-changing, the new scanning cuts down time to help both drivers and ISPs alike. Key benefits include:
• Reduced delivery times
• Automatic manifest and route adjustments
• Increased driver control
• Mobile-friendly interface
• Decreased chance of human error

For more information about Beans Route, or to download, please visit

About the Company
One Hundred Feet is a final mile optimization company, fundamentally changing the last leg of first response and package delivery. Upon arrival, the company’s data helps first responders, apartment residents, and delivery drivers reach their destinations in just a matter of seconds.
Beans Route allows drivers to save up to 6 minutes of time per package and reduce walking distance by over 200m per stop. Advanced dispatch tools allow managers to track driver location, balance workloads, and reduce the overall cost of delivery operations by over 20%.

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