Cultured organic grass-fed ghee is the new dairy superfood of the modern kitchen

cultured ghee

Milkio cultured organic ghee

Cultured Grass fed ghee

Milkio Cultured Grass fed ghee

cultured ghee

cultured ghee

Milkio Foods Ltd. has launched its new product Cultured organic grass-fed ghee for worldwide selling via retail network and private label business.

Milkio Cultured Organic Grass-Fed Ghee is organically cultured certified by BioGro, New Zealand.”
— Milkio Foods
TE RAPA, AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, August 22, 2020 / -- Cultured organic grass-fed ghee is the newest product of Milkio Foods, and the company has already introduced this cultured ghee in their retailing network via the existing sales and marketing associates. The product is prepared from milk exactly like non-cultured ghee, but the specialty of cultured ghee is its raw ingredient. It is prepared from yogurt: instead of making butter from cream, here butter is prepared from yogurt.

In non-cultured ghee lactose and casein get eliminated via the boiling process, but in cultured ghee, lactobacillus bacteria of milk gets converted into lactic acid when yogurt turns into cultured butter. New Cultured organic grass-fed ghee of Milkio is more digestion-friendly, more colon-friendly, and more shelf-stable than non-cultured ghee along with all ghee benefits.

Let’s take a quick view of the Milkio Organic Cultured Grass-Fed Ghee is:

• It is USDA certified organic and 100% pure and unadulterated.
• 100% grass-fed organic cow milk is used for making this ghee.
• Made from 100% grass-fed cow’s milk whereas the cows are not kept in captive condition.
• Cultured ghee is more digestion-friendly than regular ghee.
• It is Non-GMO and it is Non-homogenized.
• Milkio Cultured Organic Grass-Fed Ghee is organically cultured certified by BioGro, New Zealand.
• Milkio has packed the ghee as safe for travel worldwide.
Cultured organic grass-fed ghee naturally offers a better choice for the consumers. Let’s take a quick look at what makes cultured organic ghee as an improved option for your pantry.
• Cultured Ghee has a more buttery taste as a result of the fermentation of the cream. The taste and aroma of cultured ghee fascinate many people.
• Milkio traditional Cultured Ghee recipe is all unique and authentic. According to the ancient tradition of Ayurveda, Cultured Ghee strengthens Agni, the powerful gastrointestinal fire that helps in faster digestion.
• Cultured Ghee is colon-friendly, and that helps in reducing problems like Irritable Bowel Syndrome and constipation.
• Diet enriched with cultured grass-fed organic ghee works as an immunity booster.

According to Milkio Foods Spokesperson, cultured ghee is the best suitable for people who are awfully dairy sensitive, and Milkio produced Cultured organic grass-fed ghee is 100% quality assured and certified by Bio-Gro, New Zealand, as organic cultured. People who are not tremendously sensitive to dairy, there is hardly any difference between regular organic ghee and cultured organic ghee for them. But for severely lactose intolerant people, cultured ghee makes a huge difference when added to the diet.

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