David Tutera and The Floral Preservation Co. Launch Proprietary Method of Preserving Flowers...and Memories

Don’t Toss Your Flowers! A Blossoming Partnership ​

The little things in life are the biggest moments to cherish.”
— David Tutera
LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ -- David Tutera has joined forces with The Floral Preservation Co. as an ambassador to support the launch of the company's new product line. The Floral Preservation Co. offers recipients of flowers and floral bouquets a way to commemorate milestone occasions and save the memories attached to them. The Floral Preservation Co.’s proprietary method of preserving blooms from weddings, proms, first dates, holidays, funerals, and other special occasions keeps them looking as stunning as the day they were received.

The Florist Preservation Co. sought out a partnership with David Tutera and his brand, as David is a world renowned event planner and designer. For David, this opportunity presented a great connection to his roots in the floral business. Tutera’s grandfather, a successful florist, first noticed his grandson’s artistic ability at an early age and encouraged David to pursue his destiny. At age 19, with the sound advice of his grandfather and only one client, David opened his own event planning and design business. Today, David Tutera presides over an award winning global company built from his design expertisis, experience, creativity and dedication.

Similarly, it was the loss of her great-grandmother that motivated founder and CEO Teresa Rinne to establish The Floral Preservation Co.

“As a child, I was visiting my great-grandmother in Kentucky and accidentally knocked over her family Bible. Dozens of dried flowers spilled out of it onto the floor. She explained that each dried flower evoked a special memory, including flowers picked for her by my mother during a summer visit. The memory was vivid to her and took her back to that moment, filling her with joy,” recalled Rinne. “When she passed, she took those memories with her and the flowers turned to dust. I’ve often wished I still had those flowers that my mom had given to her grandmother.”

The Floral Preservation Co.’s mission pairs perfectly with leading wedding and entertaining expert Tutera, who is hailed as an artistic visionary with unmatched imagination, passion and talent for designing spectacular events and transforming them into a lifestyle.

“It is ‘the little things in life that are the biggest moments to cherish,’ flowers can evoke such emotion and wonderful memories of a celebration. I believe The Floral Preservation Co.’s quick and easy method of preserving flowers and retaining their vibrant colors allows people to relive those memories for years to come,” says Tutera.

The Floral Preservation Co.’s DIY Flower Drying Kit includes microwave directions, quick dry papers, reusable drying boards, holding clips, wrapping cord, a special finishing spray, and shaping tweezers. Also available is a line of floral keepsake albums with airtight sleeves to store the dried flowers, an additional 4 X 6 sleeve for a photo of the event/memory and a note card to journal about the special moment.

David Tutera, entertaining expert, event designer, motivational speaker, TV personality, fashion designer, lifestyle brand and author, is hailed as an artistic visionary whose ability, uniquely creative talents and passion for designing has made him a tremendous success in the event and lifestyle arena. David's specialty is creating one of a kind celebrations that truly represent the honoree(s). It is through the details in every aspect of an event that an event can be the perfect medium to tell the perfect celebration story.

David's award winning, full-service, domestic and global brand is built from experience, dedication and his natural talent for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. David began his career in party planning more than thirty years ago, and today, he continues to create magic and make dreams come true. David measures his success by being a father of two beautiful girls, Cielo and Gracie and loving husband to Joey.

To learn more, visit www.TheFloralPreservationCo.com

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