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Preparing new machine learning models used to take weeks; Activeloop teams up with NVIDIA to reduce that time to hours

Activeloop user interface works with NVIDIA processing to help InteinAir achieve great ML results

Activeloop user interface and toolset work with NVIDIA processing to help InteinAir achieve great ML results logo logo

Y Combinator alum achieves better aerial data pipelines for IntelinAir in an industry-leading Agriculture Tech solution

Thanks to Activeloop, we’ve been able to deploy new models in days instead of weeks. With their platform and NVIDIA GPUs, we improved inference speed threefold and improved accuracy at half the cost.”
— Jennifer Hobbs, Director of Machine Learning at IntelinAir

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, USA, August 4, 2020 / -- In a case study now available online, Activeloop (, a Y Combinator-backed startup, is announcing a major success in helping an early customer, IntelinAir, improve the efficiency of their AI analysis of aerial footage. Activeloop’s software builds plug-and-play data pipelines for unstructured data. The software helps data scientists streamline their data aggregation and preparation, and automates and optimizes their training of machine learning models. Together with NVIDIA, Activeloop has achieved a massive reduction in the time-to-value and cost of machine learning / deep learning efforts. The case study documents a breakthrough in the field of aerial imagery with their joint customer IntelinAir, a leading crop intelligence firm.

Activeloop’s solution is becoming available just in time for the exploding artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning market, projected to grow up to $281.24 billion by 2026 with CAGR of 37.95%. This coincides with the massive growth of data available to be analyzed by AI. All data generated by the end of 2020 will be about 40 trillion gigabytes (40 zettabytes), with IBM estimating that 90% of it has been created over the past 2 years. As data gets bigger faster than ever, translating it into actionable insights is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive. As a result, the effort needed to set up a new model and get it running efficiently can be beyond the reach of many teams who could otherwise benefit from machine learning. Existing solutions often have large cloud storage and processing costs. These solutions can’t be made more efficient without radical changes.

“Unstructured data - including text, images, or videos, comprises about 80-90% of the data people generate today”, says Davit Buniatyan, Activeloop Founder and CEO. “As it comes in different forms, sizes, and even shapes, analyzing and managing it is an extremely difficult and costly task. In fact, data scientists spend about 50 to 80% of their time setting up their unstructured dataset rather than analyzing it via machine or deep learning. We’re changing that by creating a fast, simple platform for building and scaling data pipelines for machine learning.”

“We operate in an agile fashion: we want to focus on building high-quality models instead of fighting with data pipelines, infrastructure, and deployment challenges” says Jennifer Hobbs, Director of Machine Learning at IntelinAir. “Thanks to Activeloop, we’ve been able to deploy new models in a matter of days instead of weeks. With the help of Activeloop’s platform and NVIDIA’s powerful GPUs, we were able to increase the inference speed threefold and improve the accuracy of the trained models at half the cost."

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About Activeloop

Activeloop (, is a startup backed by Y Combinator and prominent Silicon Valley investors. The company has already been featured by major outlets including TechCrunch and is now coming out of stealth mode to make its product available to the machine learning community. Formerly named Snark AI, Activeloop aims to optimize the way machine and deep learning models are trained and streamline the huge amounts of data required for this work. Activeloop is a member of NVIDIA’s Inception program for AI/ML development.

About IntelinAir

IntelinAir ( is a full-season and full-spectrum crop intelligence company focused on agriculture that delivers actionable intelligence to help farmers make data-driven decisions to improve operational efficiency, yields, and ultimately their profitability.

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