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CEOCFO interviews CEOs from BeMotion Inc., Pyramart, ROKiT Group, Verimos, Inc.

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CEOCFO Magazine covers Interactive Digital Marketing, Data Warehousing, Affordable Phone Plans, Workforce Assessment Tools

Our platform, called MCN; The Mobile Commerce Network, has empowered businesses to build native apps in different verticals.”
— Hussein Abu Hassan

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, July 21, 2020 / -- CEOCFO Magazine, an independent business news and investment publication that highlights important technology, products, services, medical, natural health clean-tech and financial companies, this week spoke with BeMotion Inc. Founder and CEO, Hussein Abu Hassan about their focus on transitioning businesses to the digital era. Mr. Hassan, told CEOCFO Senior Editor, Lynn Fosse, “Our vision was to create a platform that could assist SMEs and startup businesses to transition from the traditional business model to a more current digital platform within a very short period of time, enabling them to grow and expand exponentially faster. From that simple vision, BeMotion was established in 2016. Our platform, called MCN; The Mobile Commerce Network, has empowered businesses to build native apps in different verticals such as employment, digital advertisement, event management, loyalty programs, bookings, transportation and so much more.”

With the emergence of the current pandemic and the need for greater health measures, BeMotion create thermal scanners which focused on human rather than industry technology. Explaining their approach Mr. Hassan said, “We developed an AI based technology that detects and scans human faces only. It can register the human face from five different location regardless of whether the person is wearing glasses, a hat and/or face mask. Our technology, unlike others on the market, has the potential to detect up to 550 people per minute and up to 20 people congregating in a similar area.”

Pyramart tells CEOCFO readers how they are turning the data warehousing industry on its ear with its AI data warehouse product. Founder Dan Bruns told Lynn, “Data warehouses have traditionally cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars to develop, and we’re setting that industry on its ear by automating it all”

Asked about their recent patent, Mr. Bruns said, “The patent pertains to how the Pyramart Intelligence Engine analyzes and builds data warehouses automatically. It compares information that non-technical people enter in to the Pyramart interface with copies of the information Pyramart maintains itself, looking for things that have changed. It also translates the data that users have entered in to a format that the data warehouse understands, and compares that data with the data that’s in the data warehouse, and it builds any required data structures. This way, non-technical data users can build a powerful data warehouse without needing to know what goes on behind the scenes.”

Interviewing ROKiT Group Co-founder and Chairman Jonathan Kendrick, CEOCFO features a company seeking to change the way a smartphone is used. Mr. Kendrick tells Lynn Fosse, “In the beginning, we focused on phones. With the phones themselves, we created this marvelous system of bundling in as many vital services as one could with a device. Why? Well 90% of the world’s population owns a mobile phone. And you might think with all these amazing services the phone would be more expensive than it is, but as I said, we don’t need to do that. We wanted to offer a product that people could actually afford. We offer different life services such as telemedicine, accidental death, and burial insurance. It also comes with roadside assistance for your family, and access to a lawyer. Additionally, it comes with ROKiT Talk, an international Wi-Fi calling app that gives users the ability to call both mobile and landlines for free to any number in the U.S. and 60 different countries. Therefore, the phone is more than a communication device. It’s a lifestyle device for you and your family.”

As to what sets their phone apart from other mobile devices, Ms. Hoffman responded, “Our phone is a high-quality device and does everything else that a normal phone does. What sets us apart from our competitors is our bundle of services. Imagine buying a phone with access to a doctor or working in a hazardous environment, and your phone offers accidental death, and burial insurance. Therefore, people are buying the phone, one because it’s a good phone and two, all these benefits. I have left off one important thing! It’s a 3D phone! It actually allows you to watch movies in 3D without glasses! We have deals with a number of major studios where you can watch all of their latest films, and the image comes out of the phone. I think people are buying our phone because it offers so much more.”

Austin, TX headquartered workforce assessment tools company, Verimos, Inc. CEO, Bryan Menell, in discussing their solutions for the quarantine economy tells CEOCFO, ““In this time where business resilience is being challenged, we help the small to medium sized business owners to support the health, wellbeing and safety of what we call the foundational workforce.”

Discussing their Well for Work™ trademark, Mr. Menell said, “Well for Work™ is a module in our applications and it is a series that features that help to assess your work family. It can figure out if you are well for work today. It is especially important under COVID to understand that someone does not have symptoms, has not been around someone with COVID, but beyond that, we want to know even if you are not well for work today. “I am sick; I threw out my back,” or whatever happened, to understand and assess that. Then we can point them towards the resources that can get them back to work, whether it is telemedicine, whether it is chiropractic, whether it is just rest, or a prescription. That is in the assessment phase, to confirm personally that you are well for work and then if you are not, how to get you back there.”

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