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Industrial Engineering Knowledge Center is Offering IE Free Online Course to Global Learners and Professionals

Industrial Engineering is system efficiency engineering and human effort engineering.””
— Narayana Rao KVSS
MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, July 11, 2020 / -- The world famous and extremely popular international blogger Prof. Narayana Rao KVSS, Professor at National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai gave a spellbinding presentation on the principles of industrial engineering, at the Annual Conference of IISE 2017 held in Pittsburgh. The presentation video posted on YouTube at continues to attract thousands of visitors. The full paper is part of the proceedings of the conference.

In another paper, published in NITIE journal, Professor described functions of industrial engineering and focus areas of industrial engineering. Prof. Rao maintains the global top blog on Industrial Engineering, “Industrial Engineering Knowledge Center” at His FaceBook page on Industrial Engineering has thousands of followers and continues to attract learners and professionals.

“Industrial Engineering Knowledge Center” is the blog maintained by Prof. Narayana Rao.

To educate and train industrial engineering students and professionals in the principles of industrial engineering, functions of industrial engineering and focus areas of industrial engineering with applied industrial engineering as one area which helps in applying industrial engineering in all new engineering areas, Prof. Rao is creating lessons and offering them as Industrial Engineering ONLINE Course accessible to all across the world.

The main page for the course is at:
An important and unique feature of the course is provision of a number of case studies and collections of news and information required for doing industrial engineering along with each lesson.

The course is structured into modules and the learners and professionals can choose the module and lessons they would like to study at their choice. As the content is permanently available for access, they can read the lessons as per their choice and need. The historical development of the discipline and profession are discussed in a number of lessons covering the period from 1880 to 2020.

The course aims at creating synthesis between industrial engineering and industrial management (engineering management). Both disciplines came into existence in the presentations and discussions in American Society of Mechanical Engineers. F.W. Taylor of Pennsylvania made a pioneering contribution in both the disciplines. Taylor is a great intellectual and is to be remembered as one of the great scholars who is responsible for increase in standard of living with increased availability of many goods in the society according to Peter Drucker, an eminent management thinker and writer. Taylor developed productivity science, productivity engineering and productivity management, which in combination increase production from the existing resources at any point in time providing more from less. The course provides detailed inputs in all three areas in all important resources. The course has a special focus on machine shop activities, the area first improved by F.W. Taylor. Industrial engineering is applicable to all engineering areas and Prof. Rao plans to discuss multiple areas as part of applied industrial engineering modules.

The provision of course by Rao is commendable effort by a professor in the area of social service and all learners in engineering, industrial engineering and management have to make use of it and improve their competency in productivity improvement. Prof. Rao participates actively in social media and interacts with learners and professionals. His Linkedin presence is at

For any clarification on the course, Prof Rao can be contacted through email: kvssnrao at Prof Rao is also an accomplished blogger on management theory. His management theory blog link is

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Functions of Industrial Engineering.