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XcooBee announces the release of Register Assistant – an app for contactless payment automation for your field workforce

XcooBee Register Assistant

XcooBee Register Assistant

XcooBee’s contactless solutions can be used by any size field-based sales force, from waiters in a restaurant to fleet of contractors in the field.

We have created a truly amazing, and open payment platform”
— Bilal Soylu
CHARLOTTE, NC, USA, June 30, 2020 / -- XcooBee, the Privacy & Payments Network, announced today the release of it’s new Register Assistant to bring easy-to-use, highly secure, fully contactless field payment solution to the marketplace. XcooBee’s contactless solutions can be used by any size field-based sales force, from waiters in a restaurant to fleet of contractors in the field. The solution is extremely quick to rollout at a low cost and has no risk of data loss or data breach.

XcooBee was formed with the mission to solve data privacy and security issues and extended this know-how into the payment space. The XcooBee reviewed successful Asian models for payment processing and was able to expand and improve on them drastically with the creation of the XcooBee payment platform. The Register Assistant (RA) app is the latest addition of tools to XcooBee payments platform.

XcooBee RA apps serves two audience. First, the remote field workforce. The workforce can process payments contactless and without the need for extra hardware, dongles, or even traditional account setup.

“The RA solution works on the basis of contactless QR codes but also supports email, text, and direct key-entry to accommodate all eventualities,” explained Bilal Soylu, the Chief Worker Bee of XcooBee. “It is extremely simple to configure and get started. There are no dongles to lose and there are only two buttons for the end user,” he continued.

The XcooBee Register Assistant is also highly secure and not subject to data breaches. All processing occurs on customer devices and when payment is completed the field worker is notified automatically. “This takes the guesswork out of collecting payments in the field,” added Soylu. “When work is completed you can offer many different contactless payment options on the spot. None require the touching of credit cards, pens, or strangers’ screens.”

With the XcooBee RA, a virtual payment terminal is in the hands of your workforce. It is easy to configure on one or on many thousands of devices. And because of the high security, it is also safe to give access to short-term and seasonal workers. Moreover, the Xcoobee RA can work without any network connection, which helps rollouts with field workforces that work in remote areas.

The second audience for the Register Assistant is small businesses that have traditionally operated with a cash register and separate card scanner. “The XcooBee Register Assistant also has built in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to convert any existing register into a full contactless payment point,” explained Soylu.

A device loaded with XcooBee RA can be placed in front of any cash register and the on-board AI trained to read the cash register display. The RA will convert the final total into a cashless transaction automatically. “Customers can scan the QR and make the payment with a thumbprint in a few seconds,” added Soylu. “This removes the need for costly merchant terminals in business that are already under pressure due to the economy.”

The XcooBee Payment Platform is an open loop system. This means that the users interacting with the XcooBee Register Assistant do not need an app to complete the transaction. This reduces friction as any device can complete the payment including laptops and desktops.

“We have created a truly amazing, and open payment platform,” continued Soylu, ”from easy to use developer tools that help enable any app for contactless payment to, now, the XcooBee Register Assistant for the remote workforces. Everything is focused on simplicity, speedy implementation, and low cost. Time-to-market has never been more critical, and we have succeeded in delivering.”

The XcooBee Privacy and Payments Platform is a powerhouse that can be used to build innovative global fully containerized payment solutions for any enterprise. Please reach out to our professional services team to explore your vision.

XcooBee provides peace of mind to payments, and smart data and document automation. With strong roots in privacy technology we believe that as more countries adopt laws to protect their citizens’ privacy, using products like XcooBee will become a competitive advantage. To learn more about XcooBee’s Privacy and Payments Platform please visit

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