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Nikki Mark and Kinyatta E. Gray Discuss Loss, Grit and Resilience with Fotis Georgiadis

Nikki Mark, launched the MIGHTYMOM Series™

Nikki Mark, launched the MIGHTYMOM Series™

Kinyatta E. Gray, Author of 30 Days: Surviving the Trauma and Unexpected Loss of a Single Parent as an Only Child

Kinyatta E. Gray, Author of 30 Days: Surviving the Trauma and Unexpected Loss of a Single Parent as an Only Child

Nikki Mark, launched the MIGHTYMOM Series™. Kinyatta E. Gray, Author of 30 Days: Surviving the Trauma and Unexpected Loss of a Single Parent as an Only Child.

Learn to face obstacles instead of running from them.”
— Kinyatta E. Gray, Author
GREENWICH, CT, USA, June 26, 2020 / -- Fotis Georgiadis, owner of the blog by his namesake, is a branding and image consultant specialist with a robust background and is a visionary interviewer. With a knack for pulling out a well-rounded interview, not only covering cutting edge technologies and corporate directions but also bringing out the personal side of the interviewee.

Loss on its own can be devastating but when grit and resilience are in the mix, it can be turned into something powerful, life-altering. Fotis Georgiadis interviews two people who have gone through tremendous loss but overcame it to be stronger and successful in their new directions. By using his brand and image skillset, the interviewees are reaching more people, furthering their impact. Using the contact info below, reach out to Fotis Georgiadis and get your image, your brand, properly distributed to the masses.

Nikki Mark, launched the MIGHTYMOM Series™
Resilience is like a muscle that can be strengthened. In your opinion, what are 5 steps that someone can take to become more resilient? Please share a story or an example for each.

Write. Grab a pad of paper and get those emotions out on a page until you can clearly identify your problem and work through them. It may take 20 minutes, a couple of hours or multiple notebooks, but just write and write without a filter until you can identify what you are trying to achieve and why it matters. You don’t even need to read or save what you have written. By the time you reach the end of it you’ll know what to do. Also, give yourself 24 hours before acting on any of it and you’ll be able to simplify the dilemma even further. I have used this technique ever since I was a child. It helps me put my problems into perspective and forces new layers of my own self to start working for me.

Create. Use your imagination to create action steps and figure out different ways to proceed. Don’t limit yourself. Let your curiousity fuel you and the imagination go as far as it wants, and then the right course of action will become apparent. Make sure the vision is clear and find the courage to go for it. There is always a way. You just have to believe in yourself and trust that the universe will help you at some point along the way.

Walk. Put one foot in front of the other. Step by step. Day by day. If you don’t run from the problem you will get through it faster and stronger. Read the other 2 steps along with the complete interview here.

Kinyatta E. Gray, Author of 30 Days: Surviving the Trauma and Unexpected Loss of a Single Parent as an Only Child
So how did Grit lead to your eventual success? How did Grit turn things around?

Grit led to my success because my emotional pain fueled the courage, passion, energy and the commitment that it took for me to write and release three books in six-months. In 2020, I wrote and released two more books: “Passing As Straight: Beautiful Women’s Whose Sexuality Went Undetected by a Judgmental Society” and, “From Section 8 To CEO”. The common theme between all of my books is facing the unthinkable, survival, walking in your truth and following your inner voice.

Based on your experience, can you share 5 pieces of advice about how one can develop Grit?

Here are 5 pieces of advice on how one can develop Grit:

Define your “why” purpose or passion. After losing my mom suddenly in 2018, I needed a will to go on. My desire to go on was fueled by my unstoppable desire to honor my mother’s legacy by writing a book and becoming a published author.
Pursue your purpose or passion. I identified my “why” for wanting to become a published author, thereafter it became imperative for me to roll up my sleeves and get to work. With no prior experience as an author, the task was quite overwhelming, however I was committed to my “why” and stayed the course. I didn’t only write and release one book, I wrote and released three books in six-months.
Learn to face obstacles instead of running from them. Losing my mom was very traumatic, however, instead of succumbing to the pain and despair, I decided to face it, and I shifted my thinking to that of a survivor and have worked hard every day to inspire others who have lost their parent or loved ones to do the same thing.
Follow your inner voice. Before my mom transitioned in 2018, many months prior I received thoughts and messages that I had never quite experienced before. The messages were distinct and clear, encouraging me to spend as much time with my mom as possible. I later realized my inner voice was guiding me in that directions because those moments I spent with her, eventually were my last. I was extremely grateful that I followed my inner voice. Trust your inner voice.
Practice being bold every day. As a member of the LGBTQ community, I spent several years concealing parts of my identity from strangers for fear of discrimination. One day, I decided to let go of my fear, be bold and courageous and walk in my truth. I have walked in my truth ever since. The full interview is available here.

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