BOSU® Balance Trainer and Fitbod team up to energize home workouts

New BOSU® purchasers receive 10 free Fitbod workouts

Fitbod app can generate many personalized workouts using the BOSU® Balance Trainer

New BOSU® purchasers receive 10 free Fitbod workouts

BOSU® and Fitbod App team up for a personalized workout experience

New BOSU® purchasers receive 10 free Fitbod workouts

Fitbod and BOSU have created more than 50 new exercises for the Balance Trainer

New BOSU® purchasers receive 10 free Fitbod workouts

Fitbod users specify the Balance Trainer as their equipment choice and the app generates personalized workouts

Exclusive partnership pairs the popular home gym device with a best in class fitness app

By using Fitbod, Balance Trainer users have dozens of BOSU® workouts on their smartphone, ready to use whenever they work out.... New BOSU purchasers receive ten free Fitbod workouts.”
— Krystian Michalak, Fitbod
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2020 / -- Many fitness enthusiasts have discovered the benefits of using the popular BOSU® Balance Trainer in their workouts. Similarly, Fitbod, the Apple Store Editors’ Choice for Best Health and Fitness App, is considered a fitness breakthrough, combining fitness science and data analytics to design personalized daily workout routines that optimize fitness regimens.

Now these two powerhouses have joined forces in an exclusive partnership. Together, they have created more than 50 new exercises using the BOSU Balance Trainer. “It’s like having an expert personal trainer to guide BOSU users through the most effective Balance Trainer exercise routines,” said Krystian Michalak, Fitbod’s Head of Sales and Partnerships. “The routines are matched to each user’s fitness level and goals. Fitbod even takes into account their workout history so that they will avoid muscle overuse and strain.”

“Fitbod is an ideal strategic partner for a workout application partnership, said Zach Motter, Marketing Manager at BOSU’s parent company Hedstrom. “We loved Fitbod’s design and overall ability to customize users’ workouts. BOSU will benefit by providing thousands of BOSU users with an even more effective and varied workout experience.”

“There is a growing shift toward home gyms and Fitbod wants to get ahead of that curve by empowering individuals to get an aerobic, full-body workout that is geared to their individual needs,” said Michalak. “The BOSU Balance Trainer is an excellent piece of home gym equipment for someone who may have less space for a full home gym or as an addition to their home gym. Marrying it with Fitbod’s expert workout recommendations makes for an efficient and effective overall fitness regimen.”

By using Fitbod, Balance Trainer users have dozens of BOSU workouts on their smartphone, ready to use whenever they work out. Fitbod will enhance their workout experience and they will be able to see how successfully their workouts progress over time.

BOSU purchasers receive ten free Fitbod workouts. After downloading the Fitbod app from the Apple Store and setting up their profile to use BOSU exercises, they can get ten BOSU workout routines at no cost. After that, they can purchase a Fitbod subscription at a 25% discount. Regular Fitbod subscription prices are $9.95 on a month-to-month basis or $59.99 annually. Paid subscriptions entitle users to unlimited use of Fitbod. Fitbod integrates with other fitness apps including Apple Health, Activity, Fitbit and Strava.

“Using Fitbod and only one piece of equipment—the BOSU Balance Trainer—the user can achieve a number of different fitness goals, be they weight loss, general fitness, or even bodybuilding,” said Allen Chen, Fitbod’s co-founder and CEO. “Fitbod helps BOSU users take the guesswork out of an effective workout right out of the box.”

“As with every Fitbod workout, the recommended routine is going to depend on the user’s fitness goals and abilities,” said Michalak. “If you are going for an aerobic workout plan, for example, you may want to focus on a high rep HIIT (high intensity interval training) style workout. Users can change their fitness settings in the app and the recommended workout will automatically scale to their desired goals.”

Fitbod reports that the initial response has been overwhelmingly positive. “People really appreciated this new data-driven, fit-tech approach to a classic piece of fitness equipment such as the Balance Trainer,” said Michalak. “We've heard reports that Fitbod suggests some inventive exercises that users wouldn’t ordinarily think of. So, using Fitbod really keeps things fresh for Balance Trainer users.”

The BOSU Balance Trainer comes in several versions retailing from $109.99 to $179.99. For more information about the BOSU Balance Trainer, please visit the official BOSU website. The BOSU Balance Trainer can be purchased online at the Fitbod website (, at the BOSU website (, or through many fitness equipment retailers.

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