Sixfold Appointed Exclusive Real-Time Visibility Provider to STI Freight Management

Sidney Podday, Market Technology Manager at STI

Wolfgang Worner, Sixfold's CEO

STI Freight Management continues its journey to become a digital-empowered freight forwarder with Europe’s leading visibility platform

Pilots with vendors over the past months convinced us that Sixfold, with their best-in-class carrier onboarding, ETA, and AI capabilities, is best equipped to help us on our journey to go digital”
— Sidney Podday, Market Technology Manager at STI
VIENNA AND DUISBURG , AUSTRIA AND GERMANY, May 27, 2020 / -- Sixfold and STI Freight Management (STI) today jointly announce a partnership that will support STI’s vast European network to become more digitized to provide EU-wide customers with real-time information on shipments and delivery times.

“We have reached another milestone on our way to becoming a digital freight forwarder. After conducting an in-depth assessment including pilots with various vendors over the past months, we are convinced that Sixfold, with their best-in-class carrier onboarding, ETA, and AI capabilities, is best equipped to help us on our journey to go digital,” says Sidney Podday, Market Technology Manager at STI. “Full visibility of their shipments has been a key request of our customers for some time and the supply chain disruptions triggered by COVID-19 have underlined this importance now more than ever.”

“We are beyond excited to support STI on its journey to becoming a digital freight forwarder. In today’s transport market, having predictive visibility at any given point in time is important for logistics service providers not only to better serve their customers, but also to enable them to optimize their own transport planning and operations, adds Wolfgang Wörner, Sixfold’s CEO. “STI is an early-mover in the LSP market, enabling it to reap the benefits from digitization long before others have realized that this is where the market is going.”

STI Freight Management is one of Europe’s leading providers of temperature-controlled transport solutions that are tailored to the needs of its clients. Its vast network is strategically located in nine countries and is unified by a common strategy and a common working model, with harmonized quality requirements, haulier processes, TMS and Technology.

Established in Germany in 1983, STI employs over 260 people at 13 locations and is a subsidiary of HAVI Global Logistics GmbH. Some of STI’s biggest customers include well known QSR Chains, Food and Pharma producers as well as leading Cruise Line Operators.
Sixfold is the real-time visibility platform for road freight. Serving STI is one of the latest steps of Sixfold to expand its presence in the logistics service provider (LSP) market. Already working with a wide array of globally leading manufacturers in industries such as FMCG, Construction Materials, and Pulp & Paper, Sixfold has been increasing its focus on the LSP market. The potentials of predictive visibility can help LSPs improve both their top- and bottom-line and enables established LSPs to outperform with new digital players who are aggressively entering the market.

At the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sixfold showcased the power of its leading network by offering a cross-border map enabling supply chain professionals to have real-time information on delays being experienced by carriers at borders. The map became a standard for European transits.

About STI Freight Management
Around 348,000 road transports, 12,000 transports by sea and air, as well as 33,000 customs clearances per year. That’s the best way to describe STI Freight Management GmbH, with its headquarters in Duisburg. And behind these facts we can find one of the leading contract logistics providers in Europe. STI Freight Management has been specialised in the planning and delivery of complex transport and logistics projects since 1983. As a subsidiary of HAVI Global Logistics employs over 260 employees at 13 locations. In addition to the international transport of food and other temperature-controlled goods, such as high-quality pharmaceuticals, the company is well-versed in the supply of cruise ships, warehousing and customs declarations.

About Sixfold
Sixfold is Europe’s leading real-time logistics visibility platform for the supply chain. Shippers and carriers seamlessly integrate their transport management systems with the Sixfold visibility platform to know where their shipments are and when they will arrive with minimal manual work from either of the parties. The platform aggregates data from all telematics systems into one data stream giving true end-to-end visibility of shipments. The Sixfold platform has powerful AI capabilities and singularly predicts delays and provides proactive alerts on any shipment delays. Up to 500 million Euros of goods shipped by Europe’s supply chains each day are tracked by the Sixfold platform enabling customers and shippers to gain business advantage and to better plan operations. Sixfold supports customers in more than 25 European languages and data distributed on its platform is totally secure and GDPR compliant. Visit

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