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Dillard & King: growth during a pandemic

The expanding "super firm" of lawyers, lobbyist and consultants continue to grow geographically and in practice scope.

CHICAGO, USA, May 21, 2020 / -- Dillard & King, or DK as it is known, is a professional services firm employing lawyers, lobbyist and subject matter specialist working in a myriad of areas. And while the firm does traditional legal work, it is renowned for its work in crisis and risk management for the insurance industry and for its political, governmental and regulatory affairs works, also primarily for the insurance and real estate industries. a

The firm also has built a national reputation working with Democratic candidates throughout the U.S., primarily in congressional and legislative races.

“We are an advisory firm: we advise corporations, insurance companies, insurance service companies and trade and professional associations in matters relating to government affairs, compliance, risk management and crisis management”, said Dillard & King's senior partner Quintin L King, from the firm’s new state of the art offices at River point Towers in Chicago. “Some of that advise is ‘legal’, but we go beyond the merely legal. We like to think we are here to offer our clients focused and practical resolutions, solutions if you will, to their problems, or, ideally, to offer advise that prevents or offset these problems from occurring in the first place.”

King, former President of the National Association of Insurance Litigation Management, is a nationally recognized expert on insurance litigation management and third-party insurance risk management.

The firm recently reopened a Washington, DC office which focuses on regulatory and government affairs.” We don’t lobby any longer, but we offer advisory services on government, regulatory and compliance matters to our clients”, said King. The firm works with Aurelius public policy, headed by Chicago based lobbyist, Brian Bernardoni, for its boots on the ground face to face lobbying services. “Brian has access to everyone we need to access to in Chicago and Washington, DC, said King.

The firm’s reach is expansive. “Insurance litigation and risk management isn’t that sexy”, King joked”, But fortunately, we have Jeff (Jeff Dillard, the firms other name partner) who spices things up with his superior connections and knowledge in the entertainment field.”

Dillard has decades of experience representing entertainers and athletes, but the firm’s emphasis in this area is directed towards advising entertainment businesses, as well as entertainers and athletes on matters related to corporate structure, finance and strategy.

The firm has also moved southward in an expansion to Atlanta where it will be representing businesses in the risk management, government and entertainment fields. additional expansion. “We go where the work takes us.”

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