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Stallion Enterprises International Corporation partners with McMaster GMCA

Andrew Soave delivers workshop on future of work and business

Andrew Soave delivers workshop in January 2020

Stallion Enterprises partners with McMaster Graduate Management Consulting Association to deliver a 16-week Business Management course

It’s exciting to hear about how many people are interested...with what is equivalent to a semester’s worth of content, this is another impressive step forward”
— Andrew Soave

HAMILTON, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 18, 2020 / -- Stallion Enterprises International Corporation (“Stallion”) is pleased to announce that it has partnered with the McMaster Graduate Management Consulting Association (GMCA) for the summer semester. Due to COVID-19, the McMaster GMCA was forced to abruptly cancel the Mini-MBA this year. As an alternative, the entities will launch Stallion’s Advanced Business Management course, allowing the GMCA membership to form the initial audience. The course is being conducted via web conference weekly from May 11 to August 24, 2020.

“An opportunity of this magnitude is ideal for the timeframe”, Andrew Soave, Stallion’s lead instructor and lead consultant, shares. “at this point the company has been involved with many clients and there’s a significant knowledge foundation that’s immediately relevant for all companies. In a time where work for recent graduates is harder to find, and the outcomes of entrepreneurship seem less promising, this is a way to provide both knowledge and hope for aspiring entrepreneurs, consultants, and advisors to companies”.

The course opened last week with its module on performance infrastructure and the factors that impact organizational culture, employee behaviour, and ultimately business success. This initial module will provide a framework for the entire 16-session course that will combine process improvement, management effectiveness, strategy and business controls. Taken together, these aspects of the course will provide learners with the abilities to design, diagnose, and improve successful businesses in any industry. It is expected, however, that many of the students will apply these to careers in consulting or operating companies in the life sciences, engineering, energy and manufacturing industries based on their academic backgrounds.

“The McMaster GMCA serves graduate students from the faculties of science, engineering, social science, and business. Majority of our participants do not have a business background, but they plan to pursue careers in industries that may require fundamental business knowledge to succeed. This opportunity to attend online lectures delivered a consultant is immensely meaningful for our graduate students”, Chitman Josan, Co-President of the McMaster GMCA and a Ph.D. student in the Medical Sciences program at McMaster.

The McMaster GMCA estimates 70 participants have registered by the time of publication. While the size of the cohort, combined with social distancing logistics, pose some strain on coordinating the modules, the group has been welcomed with open arms. The course features discussions and perspectives that would be hard to find elsewhere, and the intention is to record these sessions for future use by both parties.

Andrew comments further, “It’s exciting to hear about how many people are interested. In previous work I have given online and in-class sessions to groups of up to 60 at a time. One-time workshops have had even more participants than that. By having a high number of participants combined with what is equivalent to a semester’s worth of content, this is another impressive step forward”.

“The cancellation of this year’s Mini-MBA, and the associated case competition, was a huge disappointment for all the participants. The GMCA team was really disappointed and recognized this was a lost opportunity. Our team made it our mission to find an alternative and that’s when we had a conversation with Andrew. Interest from 70 students to participate in the online course, within a week, provides us with confirmation that this 16-week Business Management course was well needed”, says Chitman.

In many ways, the first module is already meeting these objectives. Andrew’s teaching style leverages best practices for adult education that he learned in a previous instructor role, and his examples are both real and relevant, through Stallion’s work with 28 clients using talent platform Upwork, as well as North American clients with more complex business problems. This course follows shortly after the 1-year anniversary of opening Affordable Port Colborne Storage, which is managed by Stallion and provides further examples to use in his instruction. His hope is that the recordings can be modified such that business owners can use the shorter content for self-help of some common issues.

"The first lecture was great, I enjoyed learning through the succinctly structured information and practical form of delivery. I eagerly await the information that lies within the rest of the series, which will surely help create the foundations of my business management repertoire", Varun Susheel Jitender, McMaster Graduate Student enrolled in the course. Nishant Kashyap, a Ph.D. candidate in the department of Electrical and computer engineering comments, “this lecture series has been designed in such a nice way that the people of all backgrounds would be able to [comprehend] basics of general management in depth”.

Both organizations look forward to the rest of the semester, and see further opportunities to partner as current pandemic restrictions are lifted. Those interested in learning more about the Advanced Business Management course, in its current session or future sessions, can contact Andrew Soave ( or Chitman Josan ( for more details.

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