Fitbod’s New College and University Partnerships Give Students Access to Free At-Home Workouts

Bodyweight only workout from Fitbod

Bodyweight only workout from Fitbod

Hook Squats Bodyweight Workout from Fitbod

Fitbod Bodyweight Workout App Diagram

Single Leg Squat Diagram from Fitbod app

Fitbod is an effective tool for students without access to college gyms and fitness centers.

Fitbod is a great at-home and on-campus fitness tool. The app’s routines are tailored for all levels—from novice to Olympic level athlete—taking into account fitness level, goals & available equipment”
— Allen Chen, co-founder and CEO of Fitbod
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, May 18, 2020 / -- With limited or no access to college fitness facilities, the COVID-19 period has put a damper on college students’ opportunities to keep fit, including college athletes who view fitness as an imperative. So, with at-home workouts being the new normal, Fitbod , developers of the popular iOS app that uses advanced data analytics to generate personalized workouts, has taken the initiative by partnering with numerous colleges and universities to give their students free Fitbod app subscriptions.

Fitbod has established partnerships with universities across the United States, including Belmont University in Nashville, TN; the University of Illinois, University of Missouri, University of North Dakota, University of Pennsylvania, Colorado State University-Pueblo, Delaware State University, Drake University, Eastern Illinois University, Fairmont State University, Ferris State University, Belmont University, Gardner-Webb University, Lynn University, MSU-Denver, New Haven University and NW Mississippi State. Fitbod will continue reaching out to other colleges and universities to make the app available to students on a free basis during the pandemic period.

Joe Mankowski, Assistant Director, Fitness and Recreation at Belmont University said, “We are very passionate about providing our students with good resources when it comes to exercise and fitness. We don’t buy into fads and we believe that fitness is so much more than six-pack abs or a bikini body. After researching it more fully, we believe that Fitbod is the kind of app we can fully support. It pairs smart exercise selection with evidence-based progressions to continually challenge its users from workout to workout.”

Allen Chen, co-founder and CEO of Fitbod agrees. “For college students, Fitbod is a great at-home and on-campus fitness tool. The app’s workout routines can be tailored for all levels—from fitness novices to Olympic level athletes—taking into account their fitness level, goals and available workout equipment.”

Fitbod’s bodyweight-only workouts routines, designed for those who may not have or want to use fitness equipment, are a boost to students who no longer have access to gyms and college fitness centers. Bodyweight-only workouts can be very effective, using only the user’s body weight for resistance—no special equipment is needed.

One of the things that our department is very passionate about communicating is the impact that fitness has on our mental, emotional, and intellectual states,” said Mankowski. “When fitness is a regular part of your routine and your routine gets disrupted in the major way we have seen, it’s to be expected that some students would feel increased anxiety around many things, including how they will continue to practice this major component of their daily life.”

Mankowski stated that his staff worked to engage many students through virtual programming that allowed them to educate students on effectively working out at home so that they can continue to #FindTheirFit – an unofficial saying within the department.

Universities that are primarily commuter schools, such as Metropolitan State University in Denver, are finding that Fitbod is a very useful resource for encouraging students to stay fit. “We are a nontraditional commuter campus and 80% of the student population never steps into our gym,” notes Louis Morphew, MSU’s Associate Director of Fitness. “This is a way to provide for those who just come to campus attend classes, go to work and then go home. Many have other responsibilities such as being a parent and they just don't have time to come to our facility. We are providing videos of workouts that they can do at home, but Fitbod gives them things that just following along with a video does not provide.”

Fitbod has impressed colleges with their commitment to students

Krystian Michalak, Fitbod’s Head of Sales and Partnerships, has been leading the way in establishing partnerships with the many colleges and universities, and his efforts are continuing. “We are so pleased to be embraced by these schools, since we have always known that our app can be a useful tool to break down some of the barriers of entry into fitness. It augments and optimizes the fitness routines of athletes and non-athletes at all levels.”

Mankowski believes that Fitbod offers an approach to fitness that, “As a fitness professional, I dream of all my students practicing. We need to be equipped with any resource that can put the lifechanging power of fitness into the hands of our students, faculty, and staff. I know that Fitbod is a resource that I will continue to support, not only because of my own satisfactory use of the app, but also based on the feedback from my students. We know that the traditional gym environment is not always desirable to every student, so having a resource like this that makes smart fitness accessible to students regardless of them being in a gym is awesome!

Morphew agrees, observing that “Fitbod offers an opportunity during this difficult pandemic to connect with our students and offer a resource that we cannot create as a department. The students who have used it and reported back have highly recommended it.”

College and university fitness administrators who wish to establish a partnership with Fitbod can contact Krystian Michalak by telephone at 312-834-3541 or by email at

Through June 1, Fitbod is offering bodyweight-only subscriptions at no cost. New subscribers can choose bodyweight-only workouts after they download the app and they will not be charged a fee. Regular subscriptions for full use of the app, using gym equipment, are priced at $9.99 per month or $59.99 for an annual subscription ($6/mo.). Fitbod is an Apple Store Editors’ Pick for best fitness app and can be downloaded for iPhone or iPad at the Apple Store. An Android version is now in beta testing. Fitbod integrates with other fitness apps including Apple Health, Activity, Fitbit and Strava.

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