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UP PERISCOPE, Putting Traditional Leadership in the Crosshairs is Now Available on pre-release

A great photo of looking at a shipt through the crosshairs of a submarine periscope

A completely unique view of leadership through the submarine way lens of inclusion and our patent published leadership model

We spent 18 months writing this book and this picture shows us reviewing the 7th and final revision

This was revision number SEVEN and our very last one before approving it for print

So unique it has a patent published on the system. Building on our first best-selling book this is a leadership System wrapped around the hull of a submarine.

Up Periscope is a must read for emerging and established leaders who are focused on both improving their bottom line and the lives of those they serve.”
— Deke Copenhaver Former Mayor, Augusta, GA
AUGUSTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, May 15, 2020 / -- Experiencing this book, introduces the reader to one of the most difficult environments on earth, where leaders forge their leadership under stress. It blends our patent published leadership development model with specific tools and applications pulled from our clients successes. Relevant, completely applicable, it adds stories of life beneath the ocean directly from the co-author who lived it for nearly 15 years, juxtaposed with business experiences and business applications. You can jump ahead to our Amazon book link if you care to, or read on.

Specific areas you will gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of include:

-This innovative approach to leadership will entertain with stories of life on a submarine. You will feel the world of the submarine, and experience what a “hot rack” is.

-Learn the Five Anchors of Leadership that will transform any leader or organization.

-Watch your ROI improve by employing the System, Methodology, and Process, along with the Five Anchors.

-Develop your leaders and reduce harassment, bullying and other workplace issues.

-Learn the 6 secrets of the silent service, that for over 100 years has developed 18-year old sailors into mission-focused, fighting machines.

-Get business leaders off the hamster wheel of internal focus that just hires and fires, without moving the business forward.

Our UP PERISCOPE Landing Page has even more secrets!

The Submarine Way is a Genesis Group LLC. We have been helping organizations transform their leaders since 2008. Our client list entails communities, Fortune 50 businesses, mid-market businesses, small cities and universities. Wherever results are needed The Submarine Way transforms leaders and drives change.

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