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Kontact Returns to the Brass Age to Fight the Coronavirus

Kontact keys being held in hands with the Kontact logo in the center

Kontact is the portable antimicrobial tool for the post-coronavirus economy.

Hand holding a Kontact key opens door

Made of antimicrobial brass, Kontact is a germ-resistant way to interact with surfaces like door handles.

A Kontact key presses a checkout tablet with payment information.

Kontact is touchpad receptive, allowing users to use keypads and touch screens germ-free.

New brass pocket tool provides a hands-free way to touch screens, open doors

We believe Kontact is the new daily essential that everyone needs to own.”
— Blake Mooney

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, May 19, 2020 / -- A Los Angeles company claims to have found the key to unlocking the post-coronavirus economy - and it's made of solid antimicrobial brass.

It's called Kontact — a small brass hand tool ideally sized for your keychain and designed for everyday carry. Kontact is made of a copper alloy that naturally eliminates 99% of germs, allowing users to open doors, use touch screens and other public surfaces without having to worry about taking unwanted microbes like the coronavirus home with them.

"We believe Kontact is the new daily essential that everyone needs to own," says Kontact's founder Blake Mooney. "It's strong enough to open doors with ease, designed to work on all types of touch screens and travels easily. Most importantly, its brass makeup gives it natural antimicrobial capabilities.”

For centuries, various civilizations have embraced copper (a brass alloy) as an essential ingredient in public health. According to ancient texts, the Egyptians used copper to clean wounds as early as 2400 B.C.. In India, the malleable element has been used to fashion drinking vessels for millennia. In modern society, copper has all but gone out of fashion — until now. The sparse use of copper in public spaces and daily carry items is a trend quickly on the reverse.

A long-time veterinary industry executive, Mooney is no stranger to infection control protocols. With the global economy slowly opening up in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic, he saw the need to find new ways to interface with publicly shared surfaces. Mooney and his co-founders set out to develop an ideal solution and quickly took interest in copper’s natural antimicrobial properties.

In contrast with stainless steel, plastic and other materials (where the bacteria can live days or even weeks), some research indicates that copper and copper alloys like brass starts killing viruses and bacteria on contact. This "contact-killing" property is what makes Kontact so appealing as a way for people to interact with surfaces where the coronavirus or other unhealthy microorganisms may be present.

Seeing internet sellers flood the market with products bearing monikers such as the “Kooty Key,” Kontact set out to create a product that put an emphasis on quality design and production – something consumers could trust. That product is now available for purchase at

Blake Mooney is available for interviews regarding Kontact's launch or how entrepreneurs are finding new ways to bring value to consumers amid the uncertainty of the coronavirus. To schedule an interview, contact Kontact at

About Kontact:

Kontact is the new everyday carry tool to help people interact with the world around them in a more germ-conscious way. Kontact is made from 100% antimicrobial brass and fits on most keychains. it is sturdy enough to open doors and responsive to touch screens and button pads. For more information, go to

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