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The integration of TradeGecko with Acutrack delivers a win to e-commerce sellers

Acutrack and Tradegecko

Acutrack announces a new integration with TradeGecko

Acutrack announces a new integration with TradeGecko.


Who is TradeGecko?
TradeGecko founded in 2012, New Zealand, has a robust cloud-based platform to run the back offices of e-commerce companies. By using TradeGecko, small and mid-sized businesses see their sales increase and customer bases expand.
TradeGecko works with thousands of companies worldwide, with $3.7 billion of transactions supported by the TradeGecko platform.
The TradeGecko advantage

TradeGecko frees you from the burden of endless hours spent managing operations across production, accounting, sales and inventory. TradeGecko can:
-Integrate with common online accounting systems.
-Import product information.
-Create automated workflows.
-Expand e-commerce reach by managing sales from multiple outlets and multichannel selling.
-Create tools for B2B sales.
-Send confirmations.
-Increase warehousing efficiency.
-Manage invoices and payments.
-Aid in the production of more efficient forecasts.
-Monitor transactions.
-Streamline commission calculations.

TradeGecko provides you with complete control and tracking of your inventory. Stock data are centralized and updated as orders arrive, with instantaneous tracking for both quantities and locations of your remaining goods.
You can also create sales reports for each sales channel - a comparison of which shows your strong and weak revenue streams and provides you with a basis for adjustments.

Additionally, with every login, you receive the most current data. Furthermore, the data is synced with your sales and accounting systems, helping you to eliminate errors resulting from manual entry.
Integration with TradeGecko enables you to automate order submission to Acutrack warehouses. As your inventory is updated, the new figures appear in your TradeGecko account. When your order ships, the system will automatically transmit tracking numbers as well.

As Antony Selvaraj, president of Acutrack, says, "The integration of TradeGecko with Acutrack delivers superior order fulfillment power. The use of TradeGecko software provides vendors with the flexibility of managing their inventories through a single platform. TradeGecko Connect allows seamless access to the Acutrack global fulfillment solution."
Acutrack completes the picture.

While TradeGecko works its magic from the cloud, Acutrack is with our customers all the way. We are a one-stop shop, offering you warehousing, inventory control, picking, custom packaging and shipping.
From the receipt of your order through the arrival of merchandise at its final destination, Acutrack provides high-quality, reliable fulfillment.

TradeGecko automatically submits orders to Acutrack via an application programming interface (API). Once we receive an order, Acutrack handles everything from then on.
Once Acutrack receives an order, we send a confirmation and any tracking information related to shipments, including partial fulfillments, to TradeGecko. The status of inventory maintained in Acutrack facilities is also regularly synced through TradeGecko.

The Acutrack advantage:

While TradeGecko simplifies your in-house drudgery, Acutrack offers you exceptional fulfillment support. No customer is a cog in a giant machine. All of us at Acutrack pride ourselves in responding to unique needs.
Through our publishing and printing capacities, Acutrack can also produce promotional materials. From bookmarks to t-shirts, you can choose just the items you need to build their brands.

Facing e-commerce challenges
Shipping costs are the downfall of many e-commerce businesses. Recent cost increases make the economical delivery of your merchandise even more of a challenge. Acutrack helps its customers address them in many ways.
By providing custom packaging services, Acutrack not only offers superior protection during shipping, but we also offer a reduction in costs and increased name recognition. For the aspiring entrepreneur, our design services help level the playing field.

With zone pricing, the location of a fulfillment house can make or break an e-commerce seller's bottom line. With Acutrack's facilities serving both coasts, vendors minimize costs and reduce transit times.
Acutrack can also help online sellers cut costs by eliminating the need to maintain an inventory of digital media. We offer manufacture on demand of DVDs and thumb drives, producing, packaging and shipping them as needed.
To accommodate the sales of discs and drives, we developed packaging to ensure the secure and economical shipping of digital media.

Additionally, our designers can provide inserts, cover art and wraps that produce the sales boosts that our customers need. We even offer downloadable cover wraps.
Growing through strategic connections
Since its founding, Acutrack has moved with the speed of technology through strategic alliances and acquisitions. Some of our milestones include:

-Acquiring Advent Media in May 2010, adding to our printing and fulfillment capabilities.
-Opening a sales office in Mumbai, India in June 2010. Acutrack expanded our business to Bollywood.
-Offering backup digital media through a partnership with Concepts Software in January 2011.
-Launching 24/7 web order production services in May 2011.
-In October 2011, we integrated with Amazon, taking a giant step in automated fulfillment.
-During December 2012, we made a similar leap, integrating with Infusionsoft for e-commerce fulfillment.
-We had a banner year for video distribution in 2013. We launched video on demand (VOD) and released our module for integration with Magneto, Prestashop and cutting-edge Shopify.
-As memory moved from disc to drive, we moved with it. In 2014 we offered on-demand USB.
-Combating the growing piracy challenge, we added copy protection to Windows and Mac compatible USB drives in 2016.

Looking to the future
Whether with software, hardware or packaging innovation, Acutrack is ahead of the curve. Our responsiveness to the individual needs of our customers for continued growth in the e-commerce arena keeps us at the point of the spear. The integration of TradeGecko is only our latest step to give you a leg up in e-commerce.
Acutrack is here to serve the needs of our customers honestly, reliably and cheerfully. Vendors large and small can depend on us for the fulfillment solutions they need to succeed.
Who are we?
More than a publishing company, Acutrack maintains warehousing facilities strategically located to serve both U.S. coasts and all the areas in between. Through continual growth, Acutrack offers its clients economical shipping options and solid, dependable service.

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