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Don Allen of Columbia Counseling Consulting and Research to be Featured on Close Up Radio

COLUMBUS, OHIO, UNITED STATES, May 11, 2020 / -- At the beginning of a romantic relationship or marriage we can be so smitten with one other that we feel we are walking on cloud nine. As relationships progress however we know from research that 69% of what we argue about are problems that cannot be resolved. Disagreements and arguments therefore are inevitable. We go from that cloud nine feeling toward earning and maintaining trust and commitment. For master’s marriages and relationships, the cloud nine feeling is replaced by an even deeper and sustained love that often lasts a life time.

For many, when the disagreements and arguments begin to accumulate, conflicts can begin to erode the trust and commitment bonds. Without knowing the best ways to resolve conflict, couples can devolve into marriages and relationships that feel unfulfilled and distant. Couples, according to the Gottman institute, an organization strongly dedicated to helping couples maintain strong and loving relationships, can then begin to use what is called the four horsemen of the apocalypse. These four horsemen are highly predictive of divorce.

In very distressed marriages something devastating can happen, such as an affair or other terrible betrayal. We can begin to exaggerate our partner’s imperfections and turn away. Facebook, Social. Media and pornography have the potential to make things even worse.

In these days of COVID-19 and stay at home orders, more time together can serve as an intensifier, in that a good relationship can become better, but a troubled relationship can become worse.

The good news is that with a skilled compassionate therapist, couples can repair their relationships, regain their trust and reaffirm their commitment, and with tried and true, easy methods, grow even stronger. For troubled relationships, couples can find a way back and develop ways to maintain and grow towards and perhaps into a master’s marriage, discovering how to be authentically happy throughout the marriage or the relationship.

Dr. Don Allen is an exceptional Clinical Social Worker, Certified EMDR specialist and consultant, Public Speaker, Certified Gottman Therapist and is advanced trained in Emotion Focused Therapy. Prior specialties have also included treating children and adolescents and drug and alcohol treatment. He has a private counseling practice with an emphasis on Marriage and relationships as well as treating emotional trauma.

According to Susan Johnson’s EFT research, “Infants are hard wired from birth to bond with their parents”. These bonds transfer to their primary partner in adult life according to Dr. Allen. Because we are so emotionally connected to our partner, when we feel emotionally disconnected or worse betrayed them, it leaves us very emotionally vulnerable and even overwhelmed, especially if we cannot find a way back to that safe, stable connection. Therefore, it’s critical to know how to heal wounds, repair relationships and return to a state of feeling consistently known, seen and soothed by our partner. This needs to happen in a way that feels safe and secure each day. The Gottman method as well as Emotion Focused Therapy has tools to make this happen.

Dr. Allen received his first Master’s degree from the University of Maryland and his Ph.D. from Columbia University in New York. Prior to beginning his own private practice in 1995, he worked developing and practicing in an in-patient children’s unit near Cleveland, Ohio. He has worked community mental health, emergency rooms. He has specialized in drug and alcohol and is published in the math and adolescent literature. He has worked in the schools as a student program coordinator.

Dr. Allen has worked full time at Ohio University and as an adjunct faculty at Columbia University, the Ohio State University and Ashland University. In 2012, he directed his practice to specialize in the treatment of relationships and emotional trauma. He is a certified and a consultant in the practice of EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing). He is advanced trained in EFT (Emotion Focused Therapy, Susan Johnson). He is a certified Gottman therapist, and teaches The Seven Principles, Bringing Baby Home, Art and Science of Love, and is a Level one and two clinical trainer for the institute.

“According to the Gottman institute there are a million bad marriages but only good one. We teach the one good one and by utilizing effective tools, couples can work toward transforming poorly functioning relationships into the ones they have always dreamed.”

Dr. Allen precisely provides clients ways to develop a tangible and easy method to learn skill sets that allow them to build the relationship of their dreams. Based on, for example, the Gottman’s efficacious and potent Sound Relationship House Theory, their blueprint for really helping people, couples can define what it takes to build a solid, resilient, loving relationship.

“My position on marriage is that it’s really not a fair fight because we are often not given skills in childhood and life to create a sound marriage. Further the media and commercials often, inadvertently, tell us to look elsewhere for bonding and life satisfaction,” says Dr. Allen. “Being continually pressured in society to have the most extravagant cars and homes, to work long hours, provide our kids with tons of activities and in the process become so stressed and exhausted, we leave little time for our marriage and the primary bonds that truly sustain us and our children.”

With the stay at home orders couples are potentially spending more time together in closer quarters. Such opportunities can be intensifiers, making good marriages better with the opportunity to build new traditions and more fulfilling and lasting positive memories, or, on a continuum, building more stress that can exaggerate difficulties and create lasting hurts.

“We need to take this time to build skills to create better loving bonds with our partner, children and loved ones. The mental health community offers these possibilities and opportunities and teleconferencing is available to individuals, families and couples. I know in my professional community, we are very interested in reaching out and having people reach back to help when they are hurting and require emotional therapy and support.”

Among Dr. Allen’s also treats trauma through EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, he has been able to successfully treat people with trauma, addictions, anxiety, and panic attacks. Events like infidelity, for example, often produce PTSD, and EMDR therapy is an effective tool to repair such trauma, to help restore mental health and repair marriages and other relationships.

Dr. Allen says we don’t have to be in a troubled marriage or bad relationship or even chronically traumatized to seek critical information and repair. He encourages listeners to feel free to call in during his radio interview and will try to answer a few questions from the audience.

“It’s an adventure and great fun for me to help shape marriages/relationships and right now, today, is a wonderful time to build new foundations and traditions,” says Dr. Allen. “We absolutely provide proven holistic tools to help give couples and individuals the relationships of their dreams and I’m always ready and excited to help make it happen.”

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