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Looking into the Purpose of Human Life and God’s Redemption Plan

Shamblin Stone shares empowering and revelatory book that delves deeper into human existence

The responsibility of our body is to express what the Spirit initiates."”
— Shamblin Stone

WICHITA, KS, USA, May 9, 2020 / --

Shamblin Stone's “Portrait of a Worshipper” book, based on his many years of teaching, tackles man’s existence from God’s perspective and explains God’s reasons for creating mankind. Stone uses the Scripture and visual charts to discuss why and how God made human beings.

He establishes biblically what the purpose of all human life is and declares that the way God designed man has everything to do with how one accomplishes that purpose. The book also looks into God's redemption plan to redeem all parts of a human being, one part at a time, so that one can fulfill the purpose for which he was created. The book is highly readable because Stone presents it in a relatable and ingenious manner.

After receiving a Church Music and Vocal Music degree in 1977, Stone was well on his way to becoming a Christian singer/songwriter and recording artist when God redirected him into worship. "In 1979, the Lord told me that He was about to raise men and women all over the world with a revelation on worship and that He had chosen me to be one of them. But if I wanted a complete understanding of worship, I would have to share what God gives to me with others, and they will have to share their revelation on worship with me," shares Stone.

“I wept and asked for His help because I know nothing about worship. God assured me He will teach me. I surrendered everything. My career became a lifetime of helping churches and individuals to understand worship as God intended. I changed from seeking recognition as a Christian "star" to desiring with all my heart to serve others by helping them worship their God the way He wants to be worshiped,” adds Stone.

Dr. Timothy Allan Osiowy, CEO and First Director at Gateway Ministries International, says “Portrait of a Worshipper is not just another book on the subject of worship; it is a lifelong passion borne out of a life immersed in a love for biblical truth and a desire for the presence of God. Knowing and having had Shamblin as part of our ministry team for several years, we saw firsthand his dedication to a life of worship and leading others into realms beyond the natural, into the supernatural, based on the sure foundation of the written word of God. I believe this book is an outstanding textbook for biblical studies on this subject but also a book that will inspire a reader to experience the lifelong passion of the author.”

Portrait of a Worshiper” is the second in a series of five textbooks being written especially for the Worship College. Book copies of Shamblin Stone’s spiritually uplifting literary masterpiece is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book retailers.

About the Author
Shamblin Stone is the founding director of the Worship College, an internet-based specialty college headquartered in Wichita, Kansas. He has been a true pioneer in the field of Christian worship since the 1970s, has been in demand as a conference speaker and seminar teacher both in Canada and the United States. Stone has a Church Music and Vocal Music degree from Friends University, with graduate studies in education from the University of Phoenix. He has taught guitar at Oklahoma State University and was the director of the music and fine arts departments at the Full Gospel Bible Institute in Saskatchewan, Canada; the Christian Ministry Training Center in British Columbia, Canada; the Evangel Bible College in Alberta, Canada; and the Word of Life Bible College in Wichita, Kansas.

Portrait of a Worshiper: How God Created and Designed Us to Fulfill Our Purpose
Written by Shamblin Stone
Paperback | $19.95
Hardcover | $35.95
E-book | $3.99

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Portrait of a Worshiper: How God Created and Designed Us to Fulfill Our Purpose